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Burnbit – A Website for Creating Torrent Files out of HTTP Linked Files


11-6-11: Initial release.

Every now and then you come across a website that you never knew existed. is one of those websites.  If you are not familiar with this website, what it does in a nutshell is that you give it a link to a file that is hosted online, such as, and you put that into the website. If it is able to scrape the file, then it will create a torrent file that anyone can download.

The beauty of this system is that not only can people use a torrent program to download the file in question, it will use not only the bandwidth of the original webhost server, but it will also use the bandwidth of other peers who are also sharing the file.

With that intact, now you can download even faster, and make it easier to share files with other people.  Sign up is free, so why not go there and try it out?

If you want a video tutorial, see my version below: