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President of the United States of America is a dirty stinking music pirate!

You decide.

Ok, so George ‘Dubya’ Bush is a supposed “war criminal” – gotcha

A purported ex coke addict? – Right.

But please, Oh please George, why did you have to become one of those filthy stinking filesharing pirates? The RIAA would have everyone believe that these pirates are the most evil of the evil people on the planet. Hitler was nothing in comparison to someone sharing the latest Britney Spears album.

The following video is an interview done by Fox news.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Wow George, I didn’t realise you could get the Beatles on iTunes.

Oh wait, thats right – you cant, nor can you get them on any legal music downloading platform for that matter.

Also, according to this article by the Washington Post, ripping your own legally purchased CD’s is also against the law.

Guess you can just add that to your list of bad things you’ve done huh?


Write to Your Senators Opposing Telecommunication Company Immunity!!!!

Help Keep the US a DemocracyThis morning, a bill that would allow telecom companies to legally spy on us without our knowing and give our information (without a warrant) to the government came to the Senate floor. Unfortunately, the bill was voted for advancement. However, all is not lost. Some Senators voted for advancement so that they could criticize it and amend it. Please, I implore you, write to your Senators via the EFF ( ) and tell them that you want them to vote against this bill. If this gets passed, it will set a dangerous precedent for future situations regarding executive power. Help keep our country a democracy.