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Debatable Subjects You Shouldn’t Stick Your Nose In


Everyone has their opinions about abortion; it’s a touchy subject. But nonetheless, it is a subject that most people would not like for others to get involved in, speaking of those that are going through with the procedure. If I were a female that was getting the procedure done, I’d already feel bad about it. I wouldn’t need any protesters there, telling me that abortion is bad. My day is a horrid one as it is without you screaming like a lunatic outside of the abortion clinic.
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Death – A Game That Cannot Be Won

Something really hit close home today.  I was at work, and I had found out that one of my fellow co-workers, his mom just died this morning from battling lung cancer.  He is not much older than I am.  He is 28, and I am only 25.  I love my mom, and hell, my mom does a lot of things for me that I take for granted these days.

She helps prepares my taxes, and handles the finances, especially with handling the logistics of a new house I just recently got (that is a different story).  After hearing the news, I sort of started thinking “Who do you take for granted these days?”

In my family, no one has died yet.  Yes, I had a grandmother pass away, as well as an aunt, but I didn’t really know them.  My aunt died from breast cancer, and my grandmother from stroke.  This was a few years ago.  The aunt is survived by her husband and three children.  Last I heard, the father was doing OK but it took him a couple months for grieving.

Someday death will arrive at my family.  Who will it be?  My parents?  My brother, sister, myself?  You don’t know, and I don’t know.  If my parents were gone, would I know enough to survive on my own?  Once you think about it, the moment someone dies, it is a lot of work afterward to clean up their “mess”.  You have to arrange a funeral and invite people.  You may need to sell off the house, or pay off the deceased loans/bills.  The hardest part of it all is continue to live life when that loved one is no longer with you.

I have not had the experience yet to lose someone close to me, but I fear that when that time comes, I will not be strong enough to carry on (for at least a while).  Could you?  If you had a loved one that was taken away from you, how does it feel?  How did you cope, or even manage?

Death is a natural part of life, and in part, it is scary in it of itself.  You are hear on this planet for X amount of time.  After so many years, you got to kick the bucket.  Then what?  Yes, many people have a religion and they believe in Christ and that they will go to the afterlife of some sort.

I am Catholic, and I have faith that an afterlife does exist, such as heaven, with God.  It sort of gives me an inner peace so I can carry on with my daily life.  If I didn’t believe in such a realm, I think I would just stare at the wall all day and get sucked into this black hole of what is the purpose of life thing.

Worst case scenario: Imagine there is no afterlife, then what?  Just go *poof* and that’s it?  You ever hear stories about how fact is stranger than fiction?  Such as the statue of Mary in Rome that has tears running down her eyes?  Or the cop video that shows a criminal car driving through a fence without knocking it down?

What do you think?  How do you get a grip on life with your own existence, knowing that someday you too will disappear forever?  Scary, right?  *shudders*

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Vitamin D deficiency linked to heart illness and cancer.


All of us at the Underground here, writers and readers are geeks, nerds, techies and so on, and probably don’t get nearly as much sunlight as we should. Lack of sunlight leads to vitamin D deficiency which can lead to various serious diseases and conditions.

Recent and strong studies by top research groups have found various facts regarding this topic, such as people living in about the top one-third of the earth don’t get as much sunlight as they should. As noted in the source article:

“Whitcomb said the study bolsters the idea that people living in Wisconsin and other northern latitude areas should be supplementing their diet with vitamin D pills from October through March.”

My own personal suggestion is get a portable handheld device, such as PSP or an MP3 player to encourage yourself to go outside. If you’re the business type take your Blackberry or PocketPC and get some work done while walking around your neighborhood at noon. I have a hacked PSP and can access my computer and all media via WiFi at a hotspot for example at the local beach.

“The researchers found that survival from various internal cancers improved with greater amounts of sun exposure.

“It’s at least a 30 percent reduction” in mortality, said senior author Richard Setlow, a biophysicist with the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y. “It depends on the cancer.”

Most of the work on the study was done in Norway.”

Of course don’t get too much sunlight, be careful on choice of sun block and check regularly for sunspots and melanoma like marks on your body. The sooner you catch them the less complications arise.

[ Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online ]

God speed and Best wishes.