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Demonoid Proxy – Canadians, Another Savior Has Come?

With the recent demise of Demonator, much of The Underground staff are still mourning over it. However, not to fear, another new comer has come to the plate to try to take the spot that Demonator once held.

As you all know, the CRIA (think of it as RIAA or MPAA but for Canada) has requested Demonoid to block all traffic to Canadian users. This is very frustrating, as I am sure there are many Canadians that love

Demonoid Proxy is a new site on the block, its aim is to help you bypass the CRIA and let you visit Whether it lets you login and everything, I could not test it. When you try to go to, you get this blue proxy rectangle that hovers over the login, and you can’t get rid of it so you can type in your user name and password. If there is a way around this, please leave a message in the comments. If I can’t get past this, I wonder how the rest of Canadian torrent users will bypass this also.

Demonoid Proxy

Find it at

[Update Oct 14th] I retried the site today, and I can verify that it now lets you login to If it does not work, then there is something wrong on your PC and I can’t help you. Nuff’ said. 🙂