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Computer Chat – Hamachi Network

I never thought I would have to do this, but I decided to after having an interesting chat today in one of my other hamachi networks.  What happened today was I was talking to a fellow L4D gamer in one of my hamachi networks, and I soon found out that this particular individual knowledge about PC stuff in general was very lacking.

This person did not know he could partition his massive 700GB hard drive into smaller partitions, nor did he know he could dual boot his machine.  Knowing how to torrent was just something totally new, and he had no idea what msconfig was.

After spending almost 2 hours talking about random stuff, I figured out that it would be beneficial to host my own separate hamachi network to give underground help to fellow people.  Or if you are an expert like myself, join the network so we can learn from each other. ;p

The hamachi network is:

Network: Underground Chat

Pass: chat

Got a PC question?  Want to share your ideas?  By all means, join the network.  Perhaps we can combine our digital lifestyles into one massive learning experience.  See you there!

Word of the Day: Dotcomrade


Today’s word of the day is… DOTCOMRADE


Meaning: An Internet acquaintance; someone you chat with but have never actually met.


“So who’s this NrdPowr32 guy?”
“I dunno. Just a dotcomrade of mine.”