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TGI Friday! #2

Welcome back to TGI Friday! While we look forward to what the weekend has in stock for us, I will look back at what happened this week in the world of technology!

I love Fridays!

As you all no doubt know, the Macbook Air was released earlier on this week. Yet again Apple have gone for the size factor and made an extremely small product. One of the main selling points is that it can fit inside an A4 envelope. That’s pretty impressive for a laptop, especially one that has (nearly) all the power of a normal sized laptop, one which already boasts amazing specs.

Macbook Air

This does come at a cost though, as the Macbook comes without a CD/DVD drive. The solution is an external drive AND being able to load stuff wirelessly from another computer. For some this may be enough, for others though, along with the price tag of $1500+ (depending on additional features), this may be too big of a letdown.

Plus, I’m sure we’re all getting bored of Apple’s up-themselves approach to things… Even a MacFan such as myself.

Next up, the new Super Smash Bros has been delayed for a while yet till March 9th in North America. Still, looks like a hell of a lot of fun when it does eventually arrive. Check out their website for daily updates.

That’s all for today, so I leave you with the now infamous Corey Delaney interview. If you’re clueless, you’ll soon be filled in. Enjoy!