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How To Install Cover Art for Fat PS2 Installed Games and OPL 0.9.3


8/19/17: Initial release.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to make this quick block post and link a video that I made on my youtube channel that shows the user how to easily add game cover art to your games that are installed on your internal fat ps2 hard drive.

The process is not that difficult and it breaks it down to the following steps:

  1. Install games to internal hard drive using WinHIIP
  2. Using the OPL Manager program, you can have it locate your games on your PC and get the cover art files. These are saved to the ‘ART’ folder.
  3. Copy the ‘ART’ folder to usb thumb drive or usb hard drive.
  4. Start PS2, go to ulaunchelf, and then copy the ‘ART’ folder from the usb device to your +OPL partition that is on the internal hard drive of the fat PS2.
  5. Start OPL, and make sure cover art is enabled. Then it should work!

See video tutorial below for more details.

The Underground Book – Book Cover Art Brainstorming


5-3-10: Initial release.

If you had not known, the “Underground Book” shall be released on June 1st, which is not too far away! At the time of this writing, I still have not decided on the official title of the book.

If you want to help brainstorm additional ideas or help me pick one, go to the thread below:

With that said, is it possible to come up with a cover art ahead of time without knowing what the title of the book is going to be?  Possibly. This is where you step in. Are you somewhat competent with graphic creation type programs?  Maybe you know a few tricks in Photoshop. Can you create creative art?

If so, then I need you to contribute.  The theme of the book basically revolves around technology, piracy, psychology, modding, and ethics.  I doubt I can come up with an idea that wraps everything into one picture, but we can sure try.

Over the next couple days and weeks I will be toying more closely with graphic art programs and try to make an image (or maybe find/create a photo) that best represents what I need.

If you want to contribute, post your art, links, or comments in this thread and I will keep track of it.  Remember, the book is only as good as the readers!