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RatioMaster – Fake Upload & Download Stats

8-13-10: Initial release.

Torrents.  Some people just love to use torrents, and many of them are part of what are called private trackers. In these type of websites, the user must login to download and upload torrents to the system.  In these type of websites, the user has a download to upload ratio to maintain.

If the ratio is too low, the user could be kicked from the community, or in some cases banned.  To help improve a user ratio, there are spoofing programs available that allows the user to cheat the system and fool the tracker into believing they uploaded/downloaded more than what they did in reality.

How?  I have found a program called RatioMaster. net that allows you to spoof your ratio. The program is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is feed it a torrent file, tell it how fast you are downloading and uploading, and click start.

After a certain time interval or when you manually stop it, it will hopefully register the changes to the tracker and your ratio is updated!

To test out this theory, see the screenshots below for my demonoid account:



Now Demonoid is a torrent site that I am part of, but hardly use. Therefore, I could care less if my account gets banned. If you want to be invited to Demonoid, let me know and I could invite you. However, I still ask you to use the Demonoid Invite Ring for these type of requests.

Have you tried spoofing your ratio before?  Tell us about it!

Find the program here:

Free Music – What It Is and Where To Get It

Hey everyone.

I decided to write this article in response to a question from a fellow user, “PunditStyle”.

“What is an easy way to find free music online?”

Alright then. This all depends on your version of “free.”

If by free, you mean free to download and use LEGALLY, then you have many different options. First, websites such as, pandora, idobi radio, and others will stream internet radio. You can pick stations based on types of music, bands, songs, and mix and match your favorites. Recently, I used to find new bands to listen to based on some of the ones I’m currently into. is free and doesn’t require a download or an account to use. Pandora requires you to make a free account and there are limitations to how many songs you can skip over. Idobi allows you to download playlists which stream music online. There’s a new playlist every day, so there’s always something to listen to.

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Demonoid – Help Improve The Underground Process


The post that gives me the most trouble here on the Underground is everyone asking for an invite code.  Almost every frickin’ day someone comes along and asks, “Hey, can you give me an invite?”

Or “How about me too?” After a while, the google spreadsheet was born.  In the beginning, I had faith that people had good will and would enter in their names and be done with it.

This worked well, except I quickly realized I had no control.  Were there spam bots?  How did I know people weren’t just typing in a bunch of fake email address or what?  Hence, I decided that I had to control the spreadsheet myself.  By having people enter in their requests through the comments, I am able to update the spreadsheet.

How does the Versatile1 system work with invites?

I will tell you how it currently works and what is the process:

1)  E-mail people the “test” email.  What I do here is I have a pre-written script that I just copy and paste to people.  It has very specific instructions in there, and I tell people to respond to me as soon as possible.  The e-mail contact is then added to a temporary demonid category list.

2) If people respond, I send them invite.  If people don’t respond within a week, I go online to the google spreadsheet and mark them as “EPIC FAIL ACCOUNTS”.

3)  For those people who I sent an invite, I ask them if it works.  If it does, I add them to the official “Demonoid” category mailing list.

4)  Once or twice a month I send out a mass email to the “Demonoid” mailing list asking for invites.  It works in a sense I get a crapload of invites.  Then I start the circle all over again and sending test emails.  If not enough people respond, I have a bunch of expired codes.  That is no good!

So now the new method is on the master e-mail list, I ask that people who can generate codes respond to me, but don’t send me any codes yet.  I will collect a pool of active participants, and ask them to send me invites one by one.

This way I can distribute invite codes on demand, whithout having to get stuck in a situation where I have more codes on the verge of expiration than participants.


The point of this post is to get feedback from you guys.  What do you think is a better method of doing this?  Any thoughts?  For now the system works fine.  I’m cleaning up my mass e-mail list and adding flair to my test email.  If there is anything else I should be considering, let me know.


[TiT] That’s It Tuesday – Issue 58

Tattoo of Tit Bird

Hi underground visitors! Welcome to the 55th issue of TIT, or That’s It Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I, Versatile1, will give you a rant of whats going on in the blog, whats intended for the future, hope, dreams, etc.

What is new?  Last week I got a chance to play through Red Alert 3, and although the game is fun, I wouldn’t say it knocked my socks off.  Yes, the water looks nice, and the idea that all units have secondary fire is cool, but the game just feels different.
I grew up with Red Alert 1 and 2.  Red Alert 3 is a whole new direction for the genre, and the fact that its no longer headed by Westwood Studios is a shame. Oh well, there is Blizzrad to look up to. ;0
As we all know, Far Cry 2 and Call of Duty World at War is out.  I don’t know if there are private servers available for each game, but I’m sure there is in some underground way.
If you know what servers are available, then help me find them and perhaps we can write an article on these games.
I have some other tutorials running around in my head, but I haven’t decided when I want to write them.  One article will dive into the art of hamachi, and how to use it to trick games into playing a LAN over the Internet with your friends.  The other tutorial is how to use an underground crack for the Steam client and download games and play them offline or on cracked servers.
When the time comes, you’ll know when the tutorial is here.
Anyway, I am going to re-do how I conduct the Demonoid invite round.  I think what I will do is twice a month (the 15th and 30th), I will send out a mass email to the group, and those who respond I will give them a queue number.  This way instead of having all these invites sent to me with an expiration date, I can just dish out invites as appropriate in a timely matter.
Almost every single day someone comes and asks for an invite.  Many of these guys I send the “test” email for them to respond back, and 80% don’t even do that.  Thus, no invite.  Muahaha.  It is simple, and it works.
Any other thoughts, let me know. Thanks!

Windows 7 Beta – Build 6801

I did it.  After 17 hours on bittorrent, I now have Windows 7 beta 6801 installed in VMWare.  It takes up 2.20 gigs of hard drive space, so not bad so far.








Above are screenshots of some of Windows 7.  It really does look like Vista, but it has some new features like the “Aero Shake” and the Peeking.  Please note that the “Peeking” feature is not part of this build, and that the new toolbar was enabeled through a hack.  So far I am running the OS in VMware, and it works fine.

I may install it into a real parition and try it out for a couple days.  Please note that this is not a stable version, so it should only be used for testing purposes.

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How the V1 Blog Will Proceed After 9-29-08

These last few days there has been a lot of talk about this blog, and the new blog and I wanted just for one last time talk about how I want this blog to continue here on and out.

For the authors, if you want to write on the new blog, please contact either V1 or Voltaire, and we will setup your account appropriately.  I ask that for the new blog, any intellectually stimulating articles or deep tutorials and what not be written for that.  Otherwise, current authors please save your article for this blog.

Yes, that is correct.  This blog will continue to get posts, but the posting article content will slightly different than what we have done in the past.  The V2 blog will strictly be for new tutorials, technical content, and things of that nature.  Anything that does not find its way on V2 blog will find its niche here.  Things like TiT updates will continue, and here I will lament on status of both blogs as necessary.

Question:  Is it true you can take the content found on V2, and just post it here on V1?

Answer: Yes, that is possible, but V2 has more features to it, and I would like the new “tastier” content to be on V2 so we can focus and push ourselves to the next level.  Believe it or not, there will be a day when I do not want to blog anymore, so any data on V2 will then at that time be imported into V1 blog, so it can be part of Internet wordpress history and documentation. ;p  

Question:  Is the V1 Blog going to die?

Answer:  No, it won’t.  The content on this blog still gathers new questions and faces each and every day.  There will always be demonoid users, console questions, COD4 questions, and the like and I will continue to check this blog daily to answer questions as needed.

Bottom line is anything that doesn’t fit with V2 will find its way onto here.  This is nice, because there are some social articles I want to write about, and get off my chest and gather community feedback and this blog is a nice avenue to do so.

Anything else you want to see here on this blog?  Leave a comment, thanks!

The Beginning of the End is the Beginning

Hey guys, if you didn’t figure it out by now, is not the new blog.  Instead, it goes to a very comical site, but I don’t want to spoil it.  Those who went to it and kep their mouth shut about it, thank you.  We all need a little fun in our lives.

This Sunday is the real unvealing of the next blog, V2.  All we are doing really is starting over from scratch, but this time not on but on an FTP that was leant to us by a friend.  This means we have more control on the interaction between the Staff and the community.  We got some nifty plugins, and now we have a plugin where a thread will email everytime there is a new comment.

Or better yet, we have forms so now you can submit a form and make it even easier.  Demonoid form anyone? 🙂

Don’t fret.  This blog is not going to die.  I will visit it daily as usual and give answers to those who ask.  V2 will not have daily postings.  The frequency will be much much less, but the content will be richer and more satisfying.  Even more importantly, if you feel that a post is not “rich” enough in content, you will be able to fill out a form and let us know so we can fix it!!!!  Now that is satisfaction.

Today I want to take a quick reflection of my top 3 threads here on V1.  It is a tough call, being that a lot of the PS2 tutorials are mine, and I love modding my PS2.  Note that this blog has been around since April of 2007, but I didn’t go hardcore with it until last fall I want to say.  Now the daily postings will come to an end, and more focus will be on V2. Don’t be sad though, more content is just around the corner. :-0


Versatile1’s Top 3 Posts

Number 3

Demonoid – Free Invites Underground Trading Circle

I am a proud user of Demonoid.  I have been a part of it since May 23, 2005. As you can see, it has been almost 3.5 years as a Demonoid user.  I love Demonoid a lot, and it was saddening to know that in some countries Demonoid cannot be viewed!  Thank you USA!  Anyway, as a proud user of Demonoid, I began to realize that registrations were always closed, and open registrations is very few.  What better way to do it than to organize an underground ring myself?  Why would I do such a thing?  

I just want to give, and let other people get in onto the fun.  Hell, if I wanted to get into a private site, I would appreciate an invite, wouldn’t you?  Now that I got an underground ring going, there will always be invites to offer. Check out the google docs and check the list under confirmed users.  We have over 50 people!  If each person gave me 5 invites, that is 250 invites! Muahahahha.  Organizing it on google docs was the smartest thing I could have done. :0

Number 2

The Underground PS2 Tutorial Table of Contents

Ok, I’m cheating on this one.  This is a table of contents to all PS2 related tutorials on this site.  Being that I wrote every single one of them, I’m proud of all of them, so what better way than reference a table of contents?

However, my favorite tutorial is:

It is also the most popular video on my youtube page:

Using Nero, you can take that PS2 ISO file and burn it to a blank DVD very easily.  I want to say that is one of the earlier tutorials I have written, and although DVD decrypter tutorial is there, Nero gets more visibility for some reason. ;p

Number 1

IRC – How to Get Free Porn Passwords

Yea, are you surprised?  Right behind COD4 cracked server post, this one comes in second.  I guess we all know where a lot of people’s priority lies.  I first learnt about this back in maybe 9th or 10 grade in high school.  My Indian friend who goes by Prashant showed me on IRC this secret room on thundercity known as #ASP.  In fact, I think the #ASP group is more than 10 years old. ;0

I hardly use it, but I’ve told others of this secret knowledge.  With the birth of the blog, I decided to share it in tutorial form.  Of course, I tried a new method, trying to gather more interaction from the community.  I needed 30 commentors, and that is what I got.  Hence, the tutorial was formed, but we put it in a forum.  The forum got mad hits, and although there were other threads in the forum, the XXX thread got over 1k views easily.  Eventually, the forum got discontinued, and now today I present it in PDF form hosted on rapidshare.  Do with it as you wish.  In V2, I may or may not even top this with a collection of stuff that readers have sent me.  Will I share it?  We’ll see. ;0


Those are my top 3 threads.  What are your favorites?  Comments appreciated, as I’m interested too!

Secret shoutout to:


[Note: Voltaire will post his own commentary here shortly tonight ;0 ]

[TiT] That’s It Tuesday – Issue 44

Yellow Tit Bird

Yellow Tit Bird

Hi underground visitors! Welcome to the 44th issue of TIT, or That’s It Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I, Versatile1, will give you a rant of whats going on in the blog, whats intended for the future, hope, dreams, etc.

The days of summer is almost over.  The summer Olympics have begun, and it is by far the most expensive Olympics ever.  I highly suggest if you got some free time to check it out.

The hottest thing these days here on the blog is the demonoid invite ring.  Yes, it is working and I have cleaned it up a ton.  User group is working.  Please check it out below:

In order to keep sanity, I have decided to not allow the community to edit the spreadsheet.  It was an experiment, and although it works, I am not sure if I am seeing spam emails or not.  For now, I am the only one who can put names onto the spreadsheet.

The purple colors mean people who are verified users on Demonoid and confirmed their invite.  The yellow rows mean those people are slated for deletion because they failed to answer my e-mail.

The spreadsheet is coming along nicely.  If you want in, please post a comment on the Demonoid thread.  Thanks!

Demonoid Is Back!!!!

I could not believe it.  As of April 11th, 2008, Demonoid came back and I kid you not, I was excited.  I almost had a tear of joy.  The best part of the restoration was my ratio and my account was still there, so I didn’t have to sign up for a new account!

However, registration is closed (go figure), so if you haven’t got an account yet, you are out of luck unless I invite you I suppose. 😛

What will this mean?  The original admin, Deimos, has given it up and gave it to his closest friend.  Only time will tell what will happen to this fantastic site.

Long live Demonoid!

Alternatives To Demonoid

Since Demonoid is down, once again… *sigh*… I, Voltaire, want you to know where to go to get your torrents.

There are some hot options like the top public torrent site, The Pirate Bay , Mininova , Isohunt , TorrentPortal , as well as others.  As for private trackers, I would check out AradiTracker .

However, my favorite is Torrent Search Engine Searcher. Yes, long redundant-sounding name. Heres the deal: Its a search engine that uses the search engines of many other torrent sites. Its real name is TorrentScan. All I will say is you can access The Pirate Bay, Mininove, Isohunt, and many other popular torrent sites from this site.

Happy Hunting!