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Subscene – Great Site to Find Subtitles

12-30-13: Initial release.

So you have a movie on your hard drive, but you need the subtitles? Where you going to get them from? Ripping subtitles from your own dvd/blu-ray collection is one possibility, but it is a big pain in the rear to do so.

A great alternative is to go to the website Here they have user submitted subtitles for almost every single movie known to man, whether it is for retail rips, or downloaded copies.

For example, a quick search for subtitles for “The Da Vinci Code” brought up this:

Of course, you can get the subtitle in the language of your choice. So give it a try! You might find something that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Playing DIVX on your Xbox 360

This nice tutorial demonstrates how to play DIVX on your Xbox 360. Enjoy!