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How To Install and Play Daggerfall Easily Using Ancestral Ghost

12-29-13: Initial release.

12-30-13: Added downloaded link. Fixed blog title.

In a previous Youtube video, I showed the user the painstaking method of how to install and use dosbox to setup the game Daggerfall correctly. The issue with this method is its long, and you have to manually mount the image file every time you want to play.

Using the Ancestral Ghost setup, all you do is run the .exe setup file, it installs the game, all latest official and unofficial patches, and that’s it!

Run the shortcut from the desktop or start menu, and you are good to go. No need to mount the image file every time you want to play or extra Dosbox configuration intervention! See the download link below and have fun!

Source Site: Download Here

How To Create DOSBox Shortcut To Start Daggerfall!

12-25-12:  Initial release.

I’ll keep this tutorial short. So I have a Youtube video that shows you how to get the free copy of Daggerfall and install the game. If you missed that video, click here.

For whatever reason, there has been a ridiculous amount of demand from viewers who want to learn how to create a shortcut such that if they use a shortcut from the desktop, the game starts without them having to type in code all the time. Rightfully so as I’m here to make your life a little bit easier.

I re-installed the game recently to test the shortcut method, and I was able to get a working shortcut within 5 minutes, and now you can too! Let’s do this!

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How To Play C&C Aftermath In Windows 7 32/64bit (No Dosbox!)

7-11-11: Initial release.

8-21-12: Re-wrote whole post. Showing off C&C Red Alert Aftermath tutorial.

So you love Red Alert, but you want to play C&C Red Alert Aftermatch on your modern Windows 7 machine? All you got to do is download the UDP version of the game, and you are good to go!

See the video tutorial below, and go to Youtube for the video description where the link to the game is located. Have fun!

Video Tutorial: