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Debatable Subjects You Shouldn’t Stick Your Nose In


Everyone has their opinions about abortion; it’s a touchy subject. But nonetheless, it is a subject that most people would not like for others to get involved in, speaking of those that are going through with the procedure. If I were a female that was getting the procedure done, I’d already feel bad about it. I wouldn’t need any protesters there, telling me that abortion is bad. My day is a horrid one as it is without you screaming like a lunatic outside of the abortion clinic.
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Prepare for the winter road.


Winter is right around the corner and already more than half of the nation has received snow and that means time to get the car ready for the winter. About 950 people die in winter related accidents per year. Preparing your car for slippery roads and harsh weather is really simple, but there can be more to it than you might think.

There’s a nice, convenient checklist at this site where you can keep yourself up-to-date on what you need to do:

Also keep something crunchy in the backseat, it helps keep you active. Unsalted popcorn or some baked chips won’t make you as thirsty so you can keep both hands on the wheel. If you feel sleepy open the back window on the passenger side, the airflow will blow towards your neck where external temperature really affects you. Don’t get too cold, too much shivering can affect your driving. Do not listen to talk shows.

Best wishes, God speed and safe driving.

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