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How To Play Dungeon Defenders LAN Online Using Tunngle


10-20-11: Initial release.

10-31-11: Updated instructions.

11-1-11: Added pictures.

Hey guys, today I installed the Dungeon Defenders and it works perfectly online. After I installed the game, I was up and running in less than 5 minutes. This is how you do it:

1) Install game.

2) Inside your Binaries folder, there is a program called DunDefConfig.

3) Run it. In lower left hand corner, select Gamespy. Save.

4) If using Tunngle, get the program at Make account, then login with the Tunngle program. Go over to any of the Dungeon Defender rooms. Finding the rooms will look like below:

5) Launch game. Create your hero, then go online, then go to open match. Then you can do quick match or custom match. From there, click LAN in the lower left hand corner, and either host or join a game. No need to use gamespy if using a vpn gaming solution.

See video tutorial below: