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[How To] Burn a PS2 Game (From Torrent) To DVD Using DVD Decrypter

Foreword:  As you go through this tutorial, some people may question whether or not this is legal to do, which is make backups of your PS2 games.  Well, here is the short story of it all.  If you own a store bought game, you can make a backup copy of it.  The DMCA may say otherwise, but it all boils down to fair right usage.  If you make a copy of that retail game and sell the copy, then that is piracy and illegal.

If you download a PS2 game in which you do not own a retail version, then that is piracy again. Follow the law.  Play by the rules.  Play with a conscience mind.  The Underground Staff does not support piracy, and neither should you.  Thank you.  ~ Versatile


6-27-09:  Another classic tutorial re-written to new standards.

1-03-09: Deleted the video since it needs to be re-done. Minor changes. For some reason, there were NERO references.


Did you know you can make backups of your PS2 games (for legal purposes of course) to preserve your original game?  Well, yes you can.  What do you do if your favorite game has gotten scratched up over the years?  Do you want to go out and buy another copy of it?  Oh wait, Gamestop doesn’t have that game anymore?  What are you going to do?

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[Tutorial] Rip Full DVD Movies, Encode with AutoGK

Are you a movie fan?  Do you watch a lot of DVDs?  Why not back up those DVD movies and protect your investment.  Instead of doing a boring screenshot guide, I made a quick youtube video.

The best part of using the ripit4me method is that after encoding in autogk, it will help prevent audio and video synch errors.

Few days ago I had ripped a movie with dvd decrypter and encoded it with autogk.  Movie was out of synch with the audio. Tried ripping movie again with DVD Fab Platinum and encoded with autogk to find the same results.  I took a change and used ripit4me method and now the movie plays flawlessly.  This is my gift to you.  Benefit from my trouble and start making some badass video encodes!

Download Links:


DVD Decrypter


What is an .MDS file?

I get this question asked of me a lot recently via e-mail:  What is an .MDS file when I download a game?  How do I use it?  Is it important, and so on.

This file is used by several different programs (such as DVD decrypter) . It generally is found with an .ISO CD image file and is the equivalent of what a .CUE file is to a .BIN image.

Wait, what is a .CUE file and a .BIN file?  😛  Ok, way back when when you needed to write a CD image file correctly, you would need to point your CD writing program to the .CUE file, so the program would know how to burn the .BIN file correctly.  Think of it as a pointer, or table of contents that lays out how the .BIN file contents needs to be burn onto the blank media.

The .MDS file is similar to functionality to the .CUE file in that it lays out the table of contents so the .ISO or the .MDF (which is like an .ISO but different extension) can be burned correctly.

What does this all boil down to?  Programs like Nero or DVD decrypter can burn the .ISO or .MDF file directly and you don’t need to worry about making a .CUE or a .MDS file.  In all seriousness though, you don’t have to worry about it.  By the time you tell nero to open up the .ISO file, you are almost done burning your data file. 😛

DVD TO iPod/Zune/PSP/etc. FREE w/ Handbrake -Method 2

Hey everyone! It’s musicmasteria again and this is my first written tutorial here on The Underground! This post happens to be the second part of it and the first part will be coming soon after.

 This is METHOD 2 and it is for when Method 1 for some reason doesn’t work for you. It is longer than method 1 but that is because it is a bit more detailed. Almost every step has a picture that goes along with it! (Better quality pictures available)

So ENJOY and keep checking the Blog for Method 1!!!

[EDIT: Method 1 can now be found here: ~Musicmasteria]

Method 2 – Handbrake w/ DVD Decrypter (Copy Protected Movies)

Download Handbrake free from here:, then install.

Download DVD Decrypter free from here:, then install.

1.            Run DVD Decrypter (with DVD in disk drive)

You will get a screen like this:



2.            Click “Mode” then “ISO”

You will see a screen like this but it will have different times and stuff:



3.            Choose a file. You might see 2 files that are the same length. (On mine I have 3 pairs because I have 3 different clips I recorded on the disk) If so, choose the first occurrence.


4.            Click the folder icon in the destination area and choose where you want to put the file.


5.            Then press the go arrow to start decrypting.



6.            Once it is finish you will see a message and hear a jingle.

(Optional) If you have multiple videos to get, repeat steps 4-6 for the other files.


7.            After I did this I got 3 files for each video (I just did one of the clips I had recorded on my disk for this tutorial so I just have 3 files)

They were these:


8.            Now open up Handbrake



9.            Next to the first “Browse” button there are 2 choices. “Folder” and “File”

Select “File” (This is the opposite of the first method which uses “Folder”)


10.          Click “Browse” in the “Source” area and find the file that ends in “.VOB” in the place where you made DVD Decrypter put the Decrypted files.


11.          Select a destination file by clicking the second “Browse”. (Even though you can choose the file extension, it will record in .m4v format because it is preset to do that. To change that, follow step 12)


12.          (optional)

– Click “Show Presets”

– It will be on “Normal” but you can change it to what ever you want the output file to be. This is how you can change what the file format will be (.mp4, .m4v, etc.)

13.          (optional) – If you want to encode more than one video in a row (Queue)

– So once you have everything set click “Add to Queue”

– Repeat steps 10-12 for each new video and click “Add to Queue” after each one

14.          FINALLY, Click “Encode Video” and sit back and relax while Handbrake does the rest.

* Length of encoding is varied upon the length of each video

* DO NOT do anything else on your computer while it encodes

So now that you have the file on your computer, use what ever program you want to transfer it you your iPod/Zune/PSP/etc.

And now… YOU’RE DONE!

ENJOY YOUR FREE DVD TO iPod/Zune/PSP/etc. Program!!!