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New NDS game: Dolphin Park

[Note: This post was written by Adrian, the Freeware Elite. Visit his tech blog at: Freeware]

Nowadays, there are a lot of games on the market about raising cats and dogs, so using this genre of game to get a large audience is very impractical. Starfish-SD is marketing a new game “Welcome to DolphinPark”.  The screenshots clearly show that the aim of the game is to rear dolphins and train them to do stunning tricks and stunts.NDS logo

When your dolphin performs, it gets coins (money), and those can be used to buy food, equipment and newer, more advanced courses for your dolphin, so that it can perform better.

Also, you can use the self-cam in the NDSi to take a picture of your face, and subsitute the dolphin’s face with yours. The official selling date is not yet defined, but the price will be around 5040 Japanese yen.

Sound like a game you or your children will play?  Leave a comment and let us know how it is!

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Roommate Aftermath

Today is the greatest day of the summer for V1. As I described on Monday, living with my roommate for the past 3 months was almost hell.  Today he left for home for good and I couldn’t be any happier.

Above is a picture of “Mike” who is sleeping on the ground as he is sick of sleeping on my couch.  As part of good will, I had let him borrow my extra pillow these last two weeks.

Now here is the funniest part of this whole summer ordeal.  Mike has started his internship without the employer knowing that he got kicked out of school this last semester.  Within the last weekor two, Mike got in touch with school and filed a petition letter, stating that the reason for his poor grades last semester was due to “threats from his roommate” who had written on the back of an envelope “Die Mike” in Chinese.

During that semester, Mike was afraid and he couldn’t focus. Plus, he was able to get from his doctor a notice stating that he had ADD.  With this evidence, and beyond my own personal belief, we just learnt yesterday that the school is giving him a chance to come back this fall.

I had suffered this whole summer because Mike had believed he was not going to get back into school until next year some time, and now he is the happiest guy I know.  Well, actually I’m happier now that I don’t have to listen to his troubles anymore.

As a lasting farewell, I’m putting up this picture of him so that the rest of the world can feel my pain living with Mike.

Egg City!

Hi all, being that Voltaire is out for today, he asked me to cover for him in a jiffy.  Being that I don’t have any mind blowing articles for today, I thought I enlighten the community on some cool pictures, egg pictures in fact!

This guy below made a whole city out of eggs. WTF?  Check it out!

Pretty wicked eh?!

Another Site to watch Movies, Tv Shows, Anime, + More on…

I noticed a post back in April that said a site but it  didn’t say anything about a few main ones that I found.  So… I have decided to share a few sites with all of you. – Lots of movies, list is expanding often – (Online video Guide) Search engine that looks in a lot of sites -Currently down… don’t know what happened to it but if it comes back, it was a great search engine like ovguide.

 Those should do for now. If you can’t find the movie their, you probably wont find it anywhere else.


PS- The previous post by Versatile1 can be found here:

[Humor] Lame Site – Brent is Gay



Update: 4-1-09:  Added a new picture to this post.  Oh yea, this is the only place on the web to find this hilarious Brent passage!

In regards to the other commentor who said this blog is pretty lame, I couldn’t agree more with him. After all, this blog (waves hand around) is no Engadget, or a Lifehacker. This blog is here for educational purposes, and to get some important things off of our minds to share with the rest of the world. If that is lame, then I guess every teacher you have learned from is lame too?

Anyway, there are lots of lamer sites out in the Internet. *gasps*

As an example, here is my all time favorite funny lame website. If you do a search on Google for “Brent is Gay”, the first website that pops up is this ghetto angelfire website. On it is just one long run on sentence explaining the story of Brent is gay. The site is just god awfully ugly, even lame I suppose. Zing! See it here and laugh at it. It has pink text on blue background, that is pretty gay. 🙂 Link

For convenience, I have copied and pasted the joke down below:

Brent is Gay

One day there was this kid named Brent that was extremely gay so gay that Elton-John was his middle name well Brent the gay kid was walkin down Gay Ave. when he noticed a bar with a bright rainbow banner in front of him he walked in all gay like and thought to himself WOW i must be in gay heaven after hangin out at the bar and man shoppin for hours on end he decided to make a place for all gays to enjoy themselves after many long hours of gay work he had finshed BRENT’S GAY SHACK a place for gays every where to go to the bathroom and shower in front of or with each other one day while watch other men shower brent spilt his boppin berry juice box on himself or so he claimed (actually he peed his pants with excitement) so he ran away with shame and walked into an alley were Paul the wicked shogun jumped out of a dumpster to kill Brent because he hates gays Brent knowing he was in danger tried to seduce Paul but paul is as straight as Lipchik but when paul went to kill Brent, Brent tripped and stabbed paul with a dildo he had with him later Brent met with a chipmunk that lived next to Barry’s house (by the way Brent is still gay) and chipmunk had many powers she tried to use her powers to make Brent straight but Brent is so gay that it didnt affect him Brent felt that he was so gay that thats all that mattered so he dedicated his life to being gay (Brent lived from 1986 to 2034 when he died choking on the dildo that saved his life in the alley) THE END

Watch movies, tv shows online for free –

Hey guys, a friend of mine has showed me another nice site that allows you to watch anime, tv shows, cartoons, and movies online streaming in your browser for free!!! It is called Although none of the video material is hosted at their site, it does have links to where you can watch the videos. Due note that some of the links are broken, but overall, good site to have in your bookmarks. 🙂

Check it out at