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Google Chrome Extension – Stop Autoplay for Youtube Videos

2-26-11: Initial release.

So for the longest time, I have been a proud user of the Google Chrome browser. What I like about it is not just the minimalistic interface, the sandbox tabs, or the bookmark sync, but also the plethora of extensions readily available for the browser.

For me, I have a youtube account that requires daily activity to answer various youtube comments. What I hate doing is going to a video page, and have to manually click the play button to stop the video from playing. Isn’t there an easier process?

In fact, there is. There is a Chrome extension called “Stop Autoplay For Youtube”, and it does what it says. When you visit any youtube video, the video does not instantly play out loud, it is paused and buffering in the background.

For me where all I want to do is answer a quick comment, this works very well into my workflow.

Go to the link below to check out the sweet extension!

Stop Autoplay for Youtube Extension

[Firefox] DownThemAll Extension

Downthemall screenshot

If you use Firefox, an invaluable Firefox extension is a plugin called DownThemAll. This is a great download manager built just for Firefox. No longer do you need third party programs like GetRight or GoZilla.

How it works is this: When you download a file (or you can manually right-click a webpage and select DownThemAll), you will get a window asking you what you want to download.

Have a class website with a lot of pdf files? Instead of downloading each one by one manually, use DownThemAll! It will select all the pdf files for you, and download to a folder of your choice. The nice part of the download manager is you can pause and resume downloads, and it also supports simultaneous downloads.

Thus, if you have one big file, DownThemAll will download different parts of the file at the same time, thus effectively maximizing your bandwidth. If you use rapidshare, you can use DownThemAll to collect all your rapidshare links, and download stuff for you without your intervention. Now that is convenience!

Check it out at

[Update Oct 16th] Downthemall works great if you have a premium rapidshare account. Check out screenshot below, I was able to download a movie using Downthemall. Voltaire, eat your heart out. It’s partly my fault, as I did not originally mention that I was using a premium account, but now you know.

Downthemall rapidshare