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Why I Love Torrent Files – It Downloads What It Needs

12-22-12: Initial release.

12-23-12: Added prologue text.

Prologue: Guys, the information you will read in this article is just one very specific scenario. There are other benefits than using it to help download corrupted files of “stuff” that you may have stored on your computer downloaded from previous days. Other benefits include faster downloading, resuming capabilities, and low system overhead resources.

So a few days ago, I had a copy of Call of Duty: World at War that I had saved on my external hard drives a few years ago, as my retail disc copy got scratched and unreadable.

As I was getting ready to make a future tutorial for this game, I tried to unzip my RAR files, only to find out that I could not because it was corrupted somehow?

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Puush.Me – Free and Simple Way for Screen Capture and Online Storage Sharing


7-17-11: Initial Release. is a website that I knew about for quite awhile thanks to the recommendation of one my Youtube followers, but I never got a chance to try it out until recently as I was thinking of new tutorials to look at. is basically a program you download and install, and with it, it allows you to do quick and easy screen captures of a program, desktop, or a selected area of your choosing.

In addition, you can also use it to upload files like .txt, .doc, .exe, and more to your online account. For free users, the max limit of free online storage for you is 200mb, but if you are using it host pictures here and there temporarily, then perhaps this is right up your alley.

Plus, the entire service is ad-free! Once you login to the account, you can see your online files, and put them in public mode or even private mode. Every time you do a screen capture, it will automatically upload the file online, and it will instantly copy the url link into your clipboard. From there, you can give it to your friends, put it on the blog, or wherever that you desire.

Below are some screenshots of the dialog boxes in question: general settings

In the above box, there are settings on how you want the program to run, and how a successful puush can be done. key binding settings

Here you can select your keyboard bindings and how you want to do it.

It is a pretty simple service. To learn more, see the video tutorial below:

Demonoid – Help Improve The Underground Process


The post that gives me the most trouble here on the Underground is everyone asking for an invite code.  Almost every frickin’ day someone comes along and asks, “Hey, can you give me an invite?”

Or “How about me too?” After a while, the google spreadsheet was born.  In the beginning, I had faith that people had good will and would enter in their names and be done with it.

This worked well, except I quickly realized I had no control.  Were there spam bots?  How did I know people weren’t just typing in a bunch of fake email address or what?  Hence, I decided that I had to control the spreadsheet myself.  By having people enter in their requests through the comments, I am able to update the spreadsheet.

How does the Versatile1 system work with invites?

I will tell you how it currently works and what is the process:

1)  E-mail people the “test” email.  What I do here is I have a pre-written script that I just copy and paste to people.  It has very specific instructions in there, and I tell people to respond to me as soon as possible.  The e-mail contact is then added to a temporary demonid category list.

2) If people respond, I send them invite.  If people don’t respond within a week, I go online to the google spreadsheet and mark them as “EPIC FAIL ACCOUNTS”.

3)  For those people who I sent an invite, I ask them if it works.  If it does, I add them to the official “Demonoid” category mailing list.

4)  Once or twice a month I send out a mass email to the “Demonoid” mailing list asking for invites.  It works in a sense I get a crapload of invites.  Then I start the circle all over again and sending test emails.  If not enough people respond, I have a bunch of expired codes.  That is no good!

So now the new method is on the master e-mail list, I ask that people who can generate codes respond to me, but don’t send me any codes yet.  I will collect a pool of active participants, and ask them to send me invites one by one.

This way I can distribute invite codes on demand, whithout having to get stuck in a situation where I have more codes on the verge of expiration than participants.


The point of this post is to get feedback from you guys.  What do you think is a better method of doing this?  Any thoughts?  For now the system works fine.  I’m cleaning up my mass e-mail list and adding flair to my test email.  If there is anything else I should be considering, let me know.