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[Proof of Concept] Your Favorite FPS War Game Online Via Unconventional Methods

11-15-09: Initial Release

11-16-09:  Youtube video shows dedicated server concept. Video added.  Oh yea, new words about this space in your nickname fix.

11-17-09: Added someone else’s youtube that shows how to play MP online.

Important Foreword:  This post was started by fellow Underground Author Chyea, who in all the best intentions loves the game in question that I am pretty sure any active gamer knows that I am talking about.  I have stepped into finish it up since he is busy with real life responsibilities.  With that said, no full fledged tutorial will be written up unless I have something concrete to talk about. I have seen the activity, and there is a lot of stuff that is going to happen the next few days.  Trust me.  It’s called the community versus IW. 🙂

Hence, this is just a proof of concept article only to get your taste buds moistened.  An educational document if you will about a real story of real life game hackers who want to prove to the “man” that yes, the game will be modded to hell to bring back dedicated PC support as commanded by gamers across the world.  I mean no ill will to Chyea, we just got to handle this smartly.  Suspension, remember? >_>

Over the course of time when I am comfortable, I will change the title of the article and everything else as necessary to reflect current times.  ~ Versatile

As we all know, Modern Warfare 2 has no dedicated LAN support, and if you search google or any news site you will see tons of articles on Modern Warfare 2 and the story about how it got cracked. I think it is pretty safe to start linking to these stories, don’t you?


News Articles on MW2 and Cracking and hacking:

So with that said, it is no surprise MW2 was subjected to a lot of piracy for those in the know.  These same type of people have been looking for ways to take their copies online for dedicated server play and what not.  What we have today (at least) is a work in progress that gives you 90 seconds of online Steam playing flavor before you get disconnected.  The creator (and the competition) says they are working on ways to fix this, but they want to get their digital signature into it to prove they are the creator.

All I am for seeing is a long battle of hacker versus IW doing a cat and mouse play.  Might as well give up and wait for Battlefield Bad Company 2 perhaps? 🙂

How to play this work in progress Steam fix for non-legitimate players:

1) Download the file, extract to the ROOT directory of your Modern Warfare 2, have steam running, and play!!!  Note: 90 seconds of play is available right now until this fix gets updated.  If it does, we will let you know.

No, we will not reveal the sources, as the more visible this gets, the more likely it won’t last that long.

2) Hamachi or Tunngle is NOT necessary.


VIDEO TUTORIAL (not Versatile, someone else’s)

Short tutorial:

New Notes: Add a space to your Steam Nickname. If you use the questionable file and play online with no space in your name, you get kicked after 90 seconds.  Now add a space and you can play for a long time!  Example: “PortalCake” turns into “Portal Cake”.  Enjoy.

Note: Recommendation for using a fake steam account is very high.

Proof of Concept MW2 Dedicated Server Video!

Are You Ready For FarCry?

Crysis was a big disappointment for me personally. After the amazement of the graphics and physics wore out, which didn’t take long, you start to realize that everything else is a mess. Basically, the entire game was a mod of Far Cry with GFX and physics overkill.

Now, Far Cry 2 has set a release date of March 25, 2008, just 3 months away. This will be THE game. It will have the great storyline of Far Cry 1, and it uses a new engine called Dunia, which is perhaps more advanced than CryENGINE2 (Crysis).

Screen Shots, click for full image.