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How to Get Money, Music, Movies, Rapidshare, Warez, and Porn for Free!!!!

When you found this thread from WordPress, search engine or other methods, did you think that I will give you the secret to all your guilty pleasures for free? 😛

Well, guess what? This thread is fake. I will not show you how to get any of these. Instead, this is my retaliation against the spammers that consistently hit The Underground Blog with bullcrap comments, and this is my only post that I will use to vent and rant about spammers.

The purpose of this thread is to use it as a holding place to collect all the crap from the world and funnel it to just this thread (hopefully). By making this thread, all the spam comments from the other threads will just go to this one instead is the goal. Of course, the easiest way to decrease spam on the blog is to delete the original posts that talk about free stuff like rapidshare links, games, movies, and etc. These posts have already gotten a good amount of comments I have grown to love to keep and I don’t want to erase a part of Underground history. 🙂

Spam bots will probably spam this post, and if they were real people, they would recognize this post has nothing to do with rapidshare, porn, or any of the like. You know what? I’m fine with it. It will just help with my WordPress filter. 😛

Maybe this post is useless, but at least you know what is pissing off Versatile1 for a long time now. 🙂 For the record, spammers are not winning at The Underground. Voltaire and I work very hard behind the scenes to make sure spammer comments are not cluttering our posts for your viewing pleasure. We know how hard it is to get good, solid, truthful information on the Internet, and we are doing what we can to make that a reality here on the blog.

Spammer hatred on your mind too? Leave a comment, and maybe we can join forces to help fight against the Cloverfield monster from the Spammer world.