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[Misc. Monday] Music Is Missing?

Hello everyone. Did you miss me? Unfortunately that is probably a “no” if your name is “Offbeat” or “God” but I can take that. So here is my Misc. post for today…

Why you haven’t seen me (Music/Musicmasteria) post that often:

Well I guess I’ve just been busy… School mainly but that will change soon. In about 1 month I and Millions of other students get to go on Summer Vacation! So that will be fun for everyone, adding time to spend to every ones schedule. Hopefully this allocated time will give all the writers here on The Underground that have wandered off time to come back and post a little. Yes, we all know Versatile1 just loves to write stuff every day and watching him struggle to find contributors with Sucker Free Sundays is fun to watch and laugh at. Seeing our beloved Main Writer Versatile1 wither away in confidence in his fellow writers is what we live for but with all jokes aside, we need new (and old) writers for the blog to help him out, myself included.

So to get to a point, but not the point (because we are supposed to be random/miscellaneous today), I’ve been spending most of my time on a little project which actually gives a reason to my name, Music-Masteria.

That’s right, I’ve been trying to write my own song(s) using a nice program called FL Studio (aka Fruity Loops). All my work is a work-in-progress so it really isn’t anywhere near being finished but it’s a start I could say.

Both my songs are techno-like but I have very little experience in making this kind of music compared to others so please bear with me as you listen to them.

All my Music can be found on my Myspace Music Profile found here: 

Please check out my music! I love constructive criticism and all comments are very appreciated.

My main song right now is called “Journey”. I currently have 4 versions of it uploaded on Myspacefor all to hear and hopefully give me tips on. It is about 2 min. long at the moment and I’m still in the middle of making it. Check my myspace page every once and a while for a new version of it.

Journey 4 (Just rest you mouse over this and listen to it in the “SnapShot” player that comes up OR go to my Myspace Page.

I also have another song called “Rise” but it is very underdeveloped at the moment. It can be compared to “Journey Unfinished 1” in the list of my Myspace songs because I had 2 starting idea sounds (which i called ‘Journey’ and ‘Rise’) and then I started developing Journey first.

So ANYWAY… for this day of randomness I have 2 requests:

1. PLEASE listen to my songs on and then if you can, give me some tips/ideas for how either songs might continue or what might change in what I already have to make it sound better.

2. PLEASE HELP VERSATILE1, AND THE UNDERGROUND, OUT BY BECOMING A CONTRIBUTOR so you readers don’t have to listen to my randomness instead of some Quality Underground Guides, News, etc.

Thanks for reading this weeks issue of Misc. Monday!

I’ll see you when I see you!