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1-5-12: Initial release.

This past week I was randomly browsing the Internet doing some research for my own knowledge, and I came across a nice blog called, which is essentially a blog that has the latest news and updates about what private trackers has limited open registrations.

If you are not familiar with private trackers, it is essentially websites that have torrent files for a variety of things, but to get into these websites can be very hard. By this I mean you got to be invited.

if you don’t know anyone who is a member of these private sites, you can never get in…unless there is open registrations!

So to help ease the pain, this blog has a frequently updated list of open private trackers. If you are looking for one to get in and see what you can find, give it a try! – The Last Releases Download Blog

5-15-11: Initial Release.

I was surfing the Internet the other day, and I was looking for a game patch for the newest Brink. What I found was a nice blog site that not only had the Brink Skidrow Update 3 patch, but it has a multitude of other things as well!

Although I wouldn’t characterize it as a hardcore warez site, it did have some items available for users who may want to download certain items, without having to go through a torrent site or a forum site.

If you are looking for game patches, movies, or some other types of media, then go to and check it out!


GameCopyWorld – A Site Full of No CD Executables

5-14-11: Initial Release.

Did you know that as a PC gamer, you are not forced to play games with a CD or DVD all the time?  Yes, you can actually play games without the physical disc using something called no CD executables.  How it works is basically you install the game, do any game updates as necessary, and then you copy over the no CD executable over to the directory to where the game is installed. You will be asked to overwrite the existing files.

For example, if you are playing Age of Empires, you will be overwriting the AoE.exe.  Now you can play the game without using a CD!  It is very convenient if you don’t want to put in a disc every time, or if you want to make a portable version of the game.

Gamecopyworld has a lot of different game files there. Go there and see what you have been missing! – Great Forum for Knowledge

5-10-11: Initial release.

Every now and then, I get a user who keeps on asking me if I know of any “great” forums for them to expand their knowledge.  Because as we all know, sometimes the best kept secret cannot be found on a regular website, but has to be found in the underground like in some discreet IRC room or perhaps a forum in which no one knows exist.

The biggest problem I see myself is how does a person even know how to find a particular forum, let alone randomly search for it?  Today I bring to you a small piece of knowledge that I gained over the years. I don’t remember how I found this forum, but it was another fellow Internet user that made me stumble across it, and this was back in 2004 era. 😛

I bring to you, which is a forum of miscellaneous knowledge. If you are looking for specific links to quench your need, they got it there. Any type of media you are looking for might be found at this website. Granted, I haven’t had an itch to visit a forum like this because many of the links you will find are rapidshare, mediafire, or other similar type sites. Still, I know some people are blocked from torrents, so a forum like this could be helpful in their quest.

So if you are looking for a new forum to brush up on some knowledge, or the places you are currently subscribe continue to suck, then look no further than Let me know what you think about it! Thanks! : The Free Prize Site! Get your Invite Here!!


If anyone is looking for an invite to this great site visit the link at the bottom of this post.  It’ll link you to my google docs , which asks for your email, then I’ll send you an invite immediately.  Join in on the fun at Lockerz to get Free prizes.  See you on!!


What exactly is Lockerz all about?

Lockerz is the place to go to buy the coolest stuff , watch exclusive video, discover new music, play the hottest games, hang out with your friends – and get rewarded for just about EVERYTHING you do on the site.  One other thing you’ll love about Lockerz are PTZ (or “points”). PTZ are Lockerz’  currency that you earn whenever you buy, watch, play, share, invite friends, or even just show up on Lockerz. Redeem PTZ at the PTZ Place for great prizes such as computers to video games and all other electronics goodies.

So how exactly do you get points?

Well to get points or “PTZ” as lockerz likes to call them all you need to do is log in everyday for your daily 2 points and answer a “Daily” question.  These questions are usually simple yes or no answers such as do you have a tatoo, or do you like rock and roll or rap music.  It’s really quite simple to build up points quickly.  I’ve been a member for around a month now and already have over 100 points which I can redeem for a video game or something else but more on that below.

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New NDS game: Dolphin Park

[Note: This post was written by Adrian, the Freeware Elite. Visit his tech blog at: Freeware]

Nowadays, there are a lot of games on the market about raising cats and dogs, so using this genre of game to get a large audience is very impractical. Starfish-SD is marketing a new game “Welcome to DolphinPark”.  The screenshots clearly show that the aim of the game is to rear dolphins and train them to do stunning tricks and stunts.NDS logo

When your dolphin performs, it gets coins (money), and those can be used to buy food, equipment and newer, more advanced courses for your dolphin, so that it can perform better.

Also, you can use the self-cam in the NDSi to take a picture of your face, and subsitute the dolphin’s face with yours. The official selling date is not yet defined, but the price will be around 5040 Japanese yen.

Sound like a game you or your children will play?  Leave a comment and let us know how it is!

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Nation States: A very simple but fun online political simulation game

[Note: This review was written by Adrian, the Freeware Elite. Visit his tech blog at: Freeware]

Version Tested: 1.0 (final version)NationStates nation main screen

Description: NationStates is an online political simulation game that is totally free, unlike Soccer Manager in which you can buy gold accounts. You can create different nations with strange prefixes (Republic, Dominion, People’s Republic, Most Serene Kingdom, etc.) and manage them through your browser.

There is also something called the World Assembly, which is similar to the United Nations, but has a whole lot more countries (around 11000) and different “regions” which can be freely chosen. However, the World Assembly membership is totally voluntary. Here are some more notes on this online game:NationStates create new nation

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Real Girl + Gaming Online = Uncharted Territory

CS Game Girl


6-9-09: Initial release

8-22-11: Added new disclaimer.

Disclaimer: The topics and ideas that are written below were just some of my insights that I myself have witnessed, as well as told to me by other male gamers. What I have stated does not mean that 100% of the male gaming population are douche bags.  There are some docile male gamers out there, and then there are those that know how to respect girl gamers. Then there are those that don’t. This article was not written as real advice, as I am just a guy. I don’t have a degree in counseling or psychology, but I’m just telling it based upon my own male experiences. I could be wrong,  or I could be right. What matters is that I have engaged you into a possible discussion, and that is all that matters. – Versatile

Are you a girl who plays games?  Awesome, we need more gamers like yourself online since a majority of it is dominated by the male race.  However, my advice to current and future game girls:  Be careful of how you present yourself online.  Let me explain below and why I am sick of the baggage that comes with game girls and them complaining once they start to get chewed out.

Pros of Game Girls

  • Keep guys sharp. If you beat a guy, you can rub it in.  A girl beat you! ROFL!
  • New friendships. Guys who find out a gamer is a girl will act differently (for better or worse?)
  • Playing with a girl is different than playing with guys all the time.  Breaks up the tension.
  • Can turn into a virtual gaming relationship?
  • The sound of a girl makes some guys tremble to their knees. :0

Cons of Game Girls

  • Some game girls are just frickin’ annoying.  They talk and rant and talk some more about nothing, especially in Garena chat rooms (as an example). 
  • If a girl beats a guy, and they are mean, they will rub it in and hold it to you for life.
  • Girls can be pissy and will rip on anyone who doesn’t follow their values/ideas.
  • If a girl is harassed verbally or through online text, it causes a scene.  More douchebag guys may take advantage of the event and start to participate in the online abuse.
  • Girls may be treated different than male players solely for the fact the gamer is a girl and nothing else.
  • Guys behave differently when playing with a girl?  Cramps the guy style possibly?
  • Some game girls really suck at playing the game.  Then when they die, they blame it on themselves because they are a girl, or when it comes to games, it is expected the weakest player is the girl.
  • Some game girls are not hardcore enough, and are so casual in their game playing that they are unreliable game players. 

Advice for the new and current Game Girls

If you are a girl, and you are going to be playing online, please do not pick a name that somehow implies you are a girl! Why?

First of all, see the con list above.  The fact that guys know you are a girl can change the dynamics of the game.  Male players may not give their best, or if they do, they will try to outdo you in everything simply because they do not want their gaming ego to be hurt by a girl.

Secondly, do not pick a name that is girlish.  A name like airgirl111 or SexyJessica is going to bring insult.  Male players are going to make jokes and say you are a guy with a girl name.  You may proceed to defend yourself and somehow prove to the others that you truly are a girl.  Using a microphone makes it easy, but for those who do not have mics, it may not be easy in the end to prove you are a girl if that is important to you.

Thirdly, being a girl and letting others know is going to bring harassment in one way or another.  Do not be surprised if guys start making sexual comments or jokes around you.  When I am in these chat rooms reading it, I take pity on both the game girl as well as the people who partake in the activity.  What is even more sad is that sometimes the game girl provokes others and encourages the “rough” behavior!

I don’t get it.  Some people just want to throw sophistication out the window.  If you are going to pick a new identity online, you can’t go wrong with a neutral name like Iknowtx3000sux, Peppers, Lightbulb, Hammer, RemoteControl, Screwdriver, HousePet, Drill, NonTool, and AfricanPancakes (actually people might think you are African so scratch that).  Well, you get the point.

If you are a girl, and one day start bitching about how people treat you, then I advise you take a hard look at how you act online.  Do you provoke others? Encourage rude behavior?  Game name is girl like?  Well, that is your fault and shame on you.

However, there are other game girls out there that are perfectly fine and people don’t harass.  These girls are nice players, and although some of them have “girly” names, they at least act in a respectable manner like for example names like britney, xbladex, or ziggi.

What do you think?  Am I off base?  If you are a girl gamer, tell me what you think. I am interested in what you got to say!

I am a game girl and I am going to PWN you.

I am a game girl and I am going to PWN you.

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Popularity of Gaming

In our times, games are released onto the torrent tracks within days of official releases. Versatile1 and I thought about this and had a debate. What would happen to popular games in a few years? Will seeding die down to 1 or 2 hardcore people looking for a few ratio points? Or will it continue?

V1’s approach to the matter was: If you want it, get it a few months after torrential release. (WE DON’T ADVOCATE THIS, THIS IS PURELY HYPOTHETICAL). Of course, this is a bit silly, as torrents (which are viewed publicly) show that games from even 10 years ago are still “popular” as ever!

Thinking about this, it was logical to assume that seeding on games would die out sometime. But the real question was, when would this happen?

So we came up with a new theory. For console gaming, seeding dies out within years for most games, quicker for less popular games. But for pc gaming, only fad games and low popularity games lose seeds fast. No one wants to seed what won’t be downloaded. For popular games and hot games, seeds will be available for years to come.

Why is this? Is console game less popular than pc gaming? Personally, I don’t think so. The universality of the pc makes it able to compete with the game consoles.

Consoles, on one hand, are popular when they first come out. Lots of hype, ads, lines at stores. As time goes on, it is commonplace to have some sort of console because of the mob mentality, but the name of the console becomes just a name. The next gen consoles start to overshadow the old ones. Take a look at the Wii, Xbox 360, and the PS3.

While the next-gen consoles replace the older ones, game support for the older consoles disappears. Thus, seeds start to disappear and people move onto the new bandwagon. Add onto this the fact that so many console games come out and seeds die fast anyway, finding things for old consoles becomes hard.

Meanwhile, pc games are universally tied to an operating system. That means new games are linked to hardware which can easily be replaced at low costs. Many games work on multiple OSes as well. When a new console comes out, some games might not be compatible.

Thus why our theory seems to stand. What do you think?
Post your word!

Grand Theft Auto 4 Breaks Records

Here is a quick recap of Halo 3’s sales:

  • First-day sales of Halo 3 reached $180 million in the U.S
  • Worldwide more than US$300 million worth were sold in the first week

This is the performance of GTA IV:

  • Take-Two estimates that on its first day, GTA IV sold 3.6 million copies and generated $310 million in sales

Would you like to hear more?

  • GTA IV sold more than 6 million copies in the first week


There is, however, a couple of side notes:

Halo 3 was only release on 1 console (360), while GTA IV was released on both PS3 and 360. So, give Halo 3 a little more credit.

EA games is likely to buy out Take-Two. In the event that it does happen, any future GTA games could turn out to be very different than their predecessors.