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The Wachowskis (Not Brothers Anymore)

Being that GN just referenced the Speed Racer Movie, I just had to lament that it is well possible that this next movie it will just be “The Wachowskis”, and dropping the brothers part of it.  Why is that?  Well, it turns out that the brothers are Larry and Andy.  Larry was and still is underoing a gender change, and Larry will soon be named as Linda.

Sources say that Larry will not reveal his gender change publicly until the Speed Racer film is finished, figuring that speaking too soon may ruin whatever chance the family movie will get.

Here are some pictures of Larry/Linda over the years.  As we can see, there is definitely no going back. 😛

Picture of Larry a few years back.

Another photo about a year and half later.

Rare photo appearance earlier this year.

It is also expected that Andy will be doing all the press releases for the movie, while Larry/Linda will stay in the background for above stated reasons.

Well, lets hope the movie will rock.