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It Is OK To Fall Down

Falling Down

True Story:  I was at Church yesterday, and it was fairly packed, even for a 6 PM mass session.  There was a point in the mass where the Priest takes the holy bread, and passes it around to all the assistants behind him.  Usually, these assistants are avid church members and they volunteer to help out with the Eucharist and serve the bread/wine to the church attendees.

Anyway, while the whole crowd was kneeling in the pews praying, we heard a loud “Oh” over the microphone.  We looked at the altar, and it appeared that one of the elderly assistants (a man about his 70s) had somehow fallen down and pulled the lady next to him.

Of course, the bread basket he was holding had also fell down and the bread was strewn all across the floor.  It truly was an awkward moment.  The three people left standing with bread and wine in their hands went down to the bottom of the steps and just stood there, waiting for people to line up to be served.  Finally, the music started playing from the choir and that helped muffle the embarrassment of the old man.

The old man got up, was given a new tray of bread, and went on his merry way serving the rest of the church goers.  For those 2 minutes, it was just the most awkward thing ever for me to watch.  Surely, if I was there and I had fallen down with your holy bread, I would be ashamed too.  I’m sure everyone just focused on the altar, just in utter disbelief that this could have happen.  However, remind you this was at church, a place of forgiveness, so I’m sure many of this just let this go and continue on.

After all, we all fall down some time and get back up, don’t we?  Think about it.  You are playing a sport and you fall down while running, or someone knocks you down.  Do you cry?  No, you get back up and go at it!

Received a poor test grade?  Do you sit around and piss and moan?  Nope, you study harder for the next test to get that A.  Falling down is just a natural part of life.  You get scraped on the knee, put on your bandaid, and just get back up and continue.

Are people going to be pissed because you can’t stand by yourself all the time?  Well, maybe if it is something important, but in general it is OK to fall down.

I like to chew people out from time to time.  Do I take pride in telling people what their inadequacies are?  No, not really, but it helps to get their mind straight. I use this tactic a lot whenever I am in the Garena chat rooms trying to teach someone how to do a certain task.

First off, I always start off with a statement something along the lines of “Don’t be a tool.”  Learn for yourself.  Don’t just eat the fish, but learn how to fish.  By doing so, it is the only way you can become self-sufficient, which helps everyone out.

It is OK to start off as a tool, but as you grow and become wiser and smarter, then you can start using the tools to help you succeed.  Get my drift?

When was the last time you fell down?  Did it hurt?  Did you get back up and came back stronger than ever?  Let’s hear your story, and motivate the rest of us to understand it is OK to fall down in life and get right back up again.

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