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First Look – Google Phone

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O.K. There is no Google Phone. As we wrote a while back, Google is not building a phone. Instead, the company has teamed up with others in the wireless industry to create an open-source operating system, as well as other services, for mobile phones. Other companies, including Motorola, LG and Samsung, are expected to build phones based on this software.

While the project is called Android, everyone keeps calling it the GPhone or Google Phone.

For those curious about what the Android phones will look like, Google today has posted a couple of demos of their user interface and some applications. Remember these are demos, and no phones based on this software will be available for another eight months or so. But the demos are pretty slick, and they point to a class of phones that have the look and feel of the iPhone, with a touch-sensitive surface that allows users to scroll through Web pages by sliding a finger on the screen.

Clearly, Google is hoping to start building demand for these yet-to-be-launched products. Enjoy, then wait until the second half of next year for your Google Phone, er, Android Phone.

The phone, presented by Google co-founder Sergey Brin: