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[How To] Play GTA IV Online With a Free Kane and Lynch Key

9-25-11: Initial release.

4-1-12: Fixed video tutorial link.

5-11-12: Fixed link for the GTA IV crack fix.

8-28-12: Added gtaiv keygen for multiplayer.


Earlier this year I created a video tutorial that shows you how to get a legit GFWL key. More specifically how it works is you go to a polish forum with a polish proxy, and then from their games page, you can get a copy of the Kane and Lynch key that enables online play for a lot of GFWL made in 2010 or earlier.

The problem I quickly saw was that almost every week I get someone asking me how to use this key for GTA IV. Why is that? It’s not that hard, but given the number of questions I get about that game alone, I figured people really love their GTA IV!  So to help out with this request, please refer to the text tutorial and/or the video tutorial below. If you get stuck, leave a comment and we’ll go from there!

Text Tutorial:

1) Get your serial kane and lynch serial key by watching this video:

2) Install GTA IV. How you get the game is up to you. If you need help finding the game, you could try

3) Install the GTA IV patch.  Here is a link to it:

4) Need a no CD crack? You can use mine here that I use for Extract it into your main GTA IV folder:  Link fixed on 5-11-12

You can use another version which is “cleaner”. Allows you to play on ranked matches and it doesn’t use mod servers:

pass: gtaiv

Extract the files into your GTA IV folder and overwrite everything. (Make sure to make a backup of any replaced files).

5) Create a rockstar games social club account. Hook your Games For Windows Live Hotmail account to your rockstar account.  You can go to the rockstar site here:

6) Run the rockstar games socia club program on your PC, and log in to it.  It will look my screenshot below:

7) It also helps to login to the GFWL client as well on your PC. Need the download? Go here:

8 ) Start your game. Login with your GFWL account. If you see a serial number screen, enter in your Kane and Lynch key.

9) Once in the game, press the up arrow to access your cellphone. Go to the multiplayer, then LIVE, then select whatever match option you want and join your desired online game or host one.  See the series of screenshots below in the slideshow. Take out the cell phone by pressing the “UP” arrow, and then follow the screenshots as follows:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Video Tutorial:


Tunngle – The Hamachi Killer – Learn How To Play LAN Enabled PC Games Over The Internet For Free!


7-30-09: Initial release.  Added another section for Underground Gamer requests.

7-31-09: Added World in Conflict and Warcraft 3 gamer request.

8-01-09: Added No One Lives Forever 2 gamer request, Far Cry 2, and Gears of War.

8-02-09: Changed the game request section slightly.  Now it has a “Known to work Straight Up” part of it.

8-3-09: Added notes to the games section for quake 3 and call of duty 1.

8-7-09: Added Worms Armaggedon and Worms World Party to games section.

8-8-09: Added hamachi channel. I hope I am not going to regret this.

8-11-09: Added Call of Duty 2 and Gears of War to verified games list.

8-13-09: Added install Tunngle demonstration video.

10-31-09: Added a long list of games: Battlefield Vietnam, Borderlands, Demigod, Duke Nukem, GTA IV, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Shift, and Underground 2; Red Faction Guerilla, Resident Evil 5, Section 8, Serious Sam – The SEcond Encounter, Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow, Starcraft, Street Fighter IV, Titan Quest, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

2-7-10: Added Troubleshooting Tunngle Video

3-1-10: Removed old videos.

Yes, I am going to fix the pictures. Will do that tomorrow.

7-3-10:  Added note to the game list section. There are lots of LAN games, so way in hell I will update this list for all the hundreds of LAN games I have tested.

Foreword:  I am very excited.  This is definitely one of my favorite posts for 2009, and as you read further, you will understand why.  This guide is clearly not illegal.  It is simply another method to enable users to play their LAN enabled games over the Internet with friends.  No longer are you bound to be in the basement with your PCs to play LAN games! There is a reason why I spent two long nights working on this guide and the excellent video!  ~ Versatile

If you follow this blog, or know anything about VPN programs, Hamachi is a great program that people can use to play LAN games with each other.  In short, Hamachi was the king for implementing LAN games to play over the Internet.  How it worked is people would join these networks, and Hamachi gives each user a unique IP address.  When you launch a game, the game is tricked into thinking that everyone in the network is on the same LAN, and hence, you can see each other to play the game.

Of course, Hamachi has other useful purposes such as being a great secure chat medium, as well as being an alternative as a safe VPN to tunnel into your PCs and transfer files or encrypt remote transfers or remote administration.

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7 Great Life Lessons Learnt From GTA IV

[Because GN is gone today, I have copied and pasted a badass article.  I take no credit for this. ]

Buried deep within GTA IV’s high-speed police chases, vehicular homicides, cold-blooded killings and large-scale armed robberies, there lie hidden gems of wisdom that you can apply to improve your own life in the real world.

1) If you wanna make an omelet, you gotta break some eggs. GTA IV teaches you that when you want to accomplish something, you should go for it without worrying too much about stepping on other people’s toes. When you carjack an old lady and only have 30 seconds to make it from the gun store to the respray shop, some people are gonna get run over in the process. If you want your boss’s job, you might have to get him fired before you get the position. When you get what you want, people may get hurt. It comes with the territory.

2) Trust no one. Everyone you meet has an agenda. Let me repeat that. Everyone you meet has an agenda. Of course, some may have a more malicious agenda than others. Regardless, everyone around you is almost always looking out for #1: themselves. Look at Ghandi — that guy was practically begging to get 15 minutes of fame with some sort of “MTV True Life: I’m a Revolutionary Peacemaker” documentary. Think about it. GTA IV lets you experience “friends” lying, cheating, stealing and stabbing you in the back to get what they want. Only trust yourself.

3) Plan for the best, but prepare for the worst. Pretend you’re in GTA, you just got assigned a new mission, and you envision yourself kicking ass: running, ducking, diving, all while taking out gangbangers with expertly timed shotgun blasts and never getting a scratch on you. So do you walk in to the gun fight with one-third of your health, no body armor and low ammo? Hell no. You stock up. You prepare for the worst. Shit, buy some rocket launchers while you’re at it. Why not. In life, you never know what could go wrong. It always pays to be prepared.

4) The more nice shit you have, the more people respect you. We live in a shallow society folks, and GTA IV understands this by letting your character get all types of shit that doesn’t have anything to do with the actual game. You can buy nice suits & expensive shoes, move into penthouse bachelor pads, and of course, drive baller whips. If you pick up a chick on a date (yes, the game lets you do this), she’ll verbally tell you how impressed she is when you pull up in a luxury car similar to the one 2Pac got shot in. Art is modeled after real life guys. People notice these things. Respect yourself by getting some nice digs.

5) Get revenge when it counts. Don’t let people walk all over you. Donald Trump has touted this for years, and its actually good advice. If people know they can screw you and you won’t do anything about it, prepare for it to happen with greater and greater frequency. If someone wrongs you, get them back, and make absolute sure everyone sees it so they know you’re not one to be messed with. In GTA IV when someone disrespects your crew, you don’t sneak around and poison their morning tea — you roll up right on the basketball court and blow his brains out in front of all of his homies plus a few random bystanders. See how everyone else runs away? This is called leading by example.

6) If you want something, you have to work for it. America is the land of opportunity, not the land of uh-here-take-this. Don’t expect things to be given to you on a silver platter, or for the world to be fair. Sometimes when you want something, you have to be prepared to take it. When Niko arrives in Liberty City, he has nothing. By the middle of the game he’s got a highrise apartment and a pile of money, not to mention tons of guns and bitches. Get out there and fight.

7) Go off the beaten path. Don’t blindly follow the guidelines that society lays out for you. If you followed every traffic law in GTA IV you would get so bored playing that you’d eventually turn off the game, which in real life would be the equivalent of killing yourself. Make life interesting. Think outside the box. There’s no one right way to do something. Steve Jobs took the mobile phone market and turned it upside down with the iPhone, a device no one had ever seen before. In one GTA IV mission, Niko dresses up as a gay guy to take another gay man out on a date for the sole purpose of killing him. This type of unorthodox thinking is what you need to succeed in the work place as well as in life. Make it happen.


GTA IV – More Amazing Than You Realize

On April 29th, GTA IV debut for both the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3. You must be living under a rock if you are not familiar with the GTA series at all. For history sake, GTA I and GTA II started off on the PC, and then moved onto the Playstation 1 where it saw limited glory. It was not until GTA III came out on the Playstation 2 that Rockstar Studios have established their enterprise.

After GTA III, there was Vice City, and San Andreas. Of course, there were other GTA III spin offs, like Liberty City Stories, but its not the same. Now comes GTA IV, which could be easily the best game ever for either system. Rockstar has outdone itself again.

In the new game, the story is based on Liberty City, which is loosely based on New York City. In fact, go to this link and see how closely the in-game restaurants match the ones in real life New York City:

I’m not going to go through all the reasons why you need to play GTA IV, the screenshots for all the gaming sites explain it themselves. All you need to know is that the interaction in the game is simply stunning, the graphics are killer, and the multi-player rocks. There is a reason why gave GTA IV a 10/10 rating.

If you got a chance, rent this game or buy it. If you are a STD, then perhaps you will get a ripped copy of the game and play it on your modded Xbox 360. Now that is a good WTF.

Great easter egg found:

A heart inside the Statue of Liberty, literally!