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Instant Messenger – I Control The IM’s, Not the Other Way Around

4-11-10: Initial release.

Would you believe that some days I have no idea what to write?  Then suddenly something comes along my path, and just like that, I have a new article to write about.

I came home today after a trip visiting the family, and I log onto Trillian real quick on my netbook. Within 5 seconds, I had 5 IMs from five different people. Granted, 2 of the MSN IMs were spam bots, but the other 3 IMs were real. One was a person who wanted to send me a music video, and the other two IMs were offline messages.

Of the two offline messages I got, one of them was thought provoking. I will summarize it below:

It seems like you are hardly online anymore. What happened?

This is a very interesting question, because its open ended, and I have so many ways to spin this.

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Meebo – Firefox Extension

Meebo logo

Do you use meebo? Meebo is a web 2.0 phenomenon. How it works is this: You go to, and there you have a virtual desktop. You can log onto all your chat clients (AIM, MSN, Jabber, Gtalk, ICQ) and chat to all your friends in one convenient window. Yup. And here is the best part. You dont need to create a meebo account! Of course, you can if you want, because it is free. And all that requires is a username and email. Then, you can see all your logins saved at once!

Well, if you log onto meebo today, you can download a firefox extension that allows you to have your meebo buddy list as a sidebar within your Firefox. It’s pretty sick! Definitely check it out. Some pluses that the plugin provides: you dont have to go to to log in, the plug in will do that for you. you can log in at the start of firefox as well!

So, go try it out now!