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Halo 2 PC Online – Project Cartographer Tutorial (November 2016)

11-23-16 Initial release.

Hey guys,

Recently I got a lot of gamers telling me that in my previous Halo 2 Project Cartographer video that the files linked didn’t work, or maybe they had issues on Windows 10. All of that didn’t make any sense to me at all, so earlier today I reinstalled the game, got the Halo 2 Launcher file from, and it got my game online on the first try!

So how does it work? Here is the quick text tutorial:

  1.  Install Halo 2 Vista PC on your computer. It works fine on my Windows 10 64-bit machine.
  2. Get the Halo 2 Launcher from Link here.
  3. Put the .exe in the root of your Halo 2 folder.
  4. Run the .exe, make an account, and then sign in and play!

For the visual learners out there, see my video tutorial below.  Enjoy!

Video Tutorial

January Underground Youtube Wallpaper Winner

Download link to wallpaper here.

Everyone, I want to personally thank Seb for winning this months Youtube Wallpaper contest!  It was tough deciding what video to put his wallpaper in, but the other day I re-recorded my Halo 2 tunngle video, which in sort is very special to me because Halo 2 I could not get to work in Hamachi at all, and it worked in Tunngle the first try.

Since then, I have become a devout Tunngle user. You can see this wallpaper in action in the video below. Stay tuned for next month’s contest!

[How To] Play Halo 2 PC Online With Tunngle For Free


7-31-09: Initial Release.
8-8-09: Added hamachi network to coordinate tunngle halo 2.

8-9-09:  Added registry download so you don’t have to do it manually!

10-10-09: Added teknogods beta 12 link and changed instructions.

1-15-10: Here is the teknogods beta 14. Download.

1-16-10: Added clarifications to tutorial about F12.  Added a download link for additional “help” files.  Added halo 2 video finally.

1-31-10: Fixed tutorial to have teknogods beta 15 link.

3-18-10: Fixed dropbox links.

5-17-10: Added teknogods beta 16.

4-29-11: Made it more visible for the network dll download.

8-14-12: Fixed link.

11-9-12: Fixed link for teknogods.

11-9-15: Added new video tutorial using Windows 10.

Foreword:  With the recent discovery of Tunngle, I wanted to experiment to see what other games I can get working.  After spending 2 hours figuring out that Hamachi does not work at all with Halo 2, I went onto Tunngle.  By the time all is said and done, about 5 hours of frustration with fellow gamers helped me get to the solution I present in the article.  Enjoy!  ~ Versatile

Let’s face it, Halo 2 for PC was a big deal back in the day.  When Xbox users got Halo 2 for the Xbox, it made the Halo 1 PC users very jealous.  Now it came for Vista, and guess what?  It wasn’t even a hit!  LOL!

In today’s tutorial, I show you how you can use Tunngle to play Halo 2 online with your friends.

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Viral Marketing 2.0

Valve’s Portal is taking the industry by storm in a not so hyped up Halo style way. Interestingly enough, one way it’s doing that is through viral marketing, similar to the campaign, done for Halo 2. started as a URL flashed at the bottom of a Halo 2 advertisement in select theaters. Upon visiting the site, distorted images, text and overall design of the website appeared and made it look as if the site had been hacked. This was the kick off to a nationwide scavenger hunt as well as the stir of a new style of marketing from the gaming industry. Hints to things such a specific phone booth ringing at a specific time on a very real looking but fake blog connected to ILB were ways to keep people’s minds on Halo 2 for quite a while before it’s record breaking release.

Now Portal, a new game by the makers of Half Life 1 and 2 incorporating challenging puzzle style gameplay, coupled with the first person goodness of Half Life 2, has taken it to the next level. It started with a mysterious website with a computer terminal style interface done in Flash. There were select commands one could use to unlock hints about the upcoming release of Portal which was already highly anticipated. With the recent release of the game, an easter egg has been uncovered, unlocking a whole new section of the website to the public.

In Test Chamber 17, there is a wall that is extended, revealing a room with images drawn on the wall of various things, including text saying “login: cjohnson password: tier3”.



This can be used on by typing login then the username and password mentioned. From there, commands such as DIR which displays a list of 2 files, one which was released before Portal (the application or, apply.exe) and notes.exe which has background information on Aperture Science Industries, their beginnings and some other humorous fiction.

While not as well known as, Portal and are certainly staying consistent, even after it’s release.

Viral marketing is starting to be looked upon by other industries, but of course while keeping traditional marketing campaigns at the frontline. “The Orange Box”, a compilation of Valve’s greatest games to date, Including Half Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal, has been advertised on several large cable channels and certainly stands out at the retail stores on shelf. It’s literally an orange box.

The Orange Box can be found at all of the big retail and online stores for a price of around $45 USD.

Here are a few links:

[Game Ending] Halo 2 on Legendary

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