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Rockin’ Friday – Headbanging!

Jeff Loomis of Nevermore

Hello readers! Hope you’re all looking forward to a fun rock-filled weekend 😉

Anywho, thought I’d talk a little bit today about the manners of a metalhead, namely the rawkfist, the headbang, and the mosh.


Figure 1 – The Rawkfist.

The Rawkfist, otherwise known as ‘Rock Fist’, ‘Devil Horns’ or ‘Corna’, is most usually an outward gesture of inner appreciation. Simply put, the user of this gesture thinks whatever he’s gesturing at or about is awesome. But you all knew that.


Figure 2 – The Headbang

The art of headbanging is a form of dancing reserved for the most rocking of situations. Usually done to the beat of whatever song the user is listening to. (If not in beat with anything, see moshing below. If no music can be heard or seen in the form of headphones, back off slowly.) It is worth nothing that there are various forms and degrees of the headbang, all seen here, as ridiculous as some of them are.


Figure 3 – The Mosh

The Mosh, to the untrained eye, is a furious melee of drunk revellers, all running, pushing, shoving, punching, kicking, and generally paying tribute to the glorious Satan worshippers that are playing on stage in front of them. THIS IS (mostly) NOT TRUE. Well, that’s a half lie. A lot of people do enter the moshpit to beat the daylights out of their fellow concert-goers. But for plenty of others, it’s merely an extended form of the headbang, and in the right circumstances can be an expression of almost brotherly kinship, with fellow moshers picking up their brethren if they fall. That being said, it can be dangerous AND CANNOT BE ADVISED FOR THE WEAK OF HEART OR PREGNANT. They are also frowned upon at many metal concerts, notably at Iron Maiden gigs, which is less of a moshy affair than a Slayer concert. So save it for the right place, or you risk getting a kick up the arse or a kick out of the venue!

And that’s all for this week! Enjoy your weekends everyone!

Rock on! \m/