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Messing with the Nature Caused Global Warming. Messing with it more might fix it

I am going to tell you something I probably shouldn’t: we may not be able to stop global warming. The Arctic Ocean, which experienced record melting last year, could be ice-free in summer as soon as 2013, decades ahead of what earlier models told us. We need to begin curbing global greenhouse emissions right now, but more than a decade after the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, the world has utterly failed to do so.

 Stop Global Warming!

For most environmentalists, the answer to depressing litany is to keep pushing the same message harder: cut carbon and cut it now. But a few scientists are beginning to quietly raise the possibility of cooling the planet’s fever by geoengineering. The principle is straightforward – compensate for an intensified greenhouse effect by reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the earth – but the technique seems like pure science fiction. Just a few: using orbiting satellite mirrors to bounce sunlight back into space, fertilizing the oceans with iron to amplify their ability to absorb carbon and even painting roofs white to increase solar radiation.

Geoengineering has long been the province of kooks, but as the difficulty of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions has become harder to ignore, it is slowly emerging as an option of last resort. The tipping point came in 2006, when Nobel Prize – winning atmospheric scientist Paul Crutzen published an editorial examining the possibility of releasing vast amounts of sulfurous debris into the  atmosphere to create haze that would keep the planet cool. The price tag is even more amazing: somewhere between, a few hundred million dollars and a couple of billion dollars a year. Over the past couple of years, Global Warming has gone from being an outsider thing to something that is increasingly discussed.

The truth is, we’re already performing an unauthorized experiment on our climate by adding billions of tons of manmade carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Unless the geopolitics of global warmi9ng change soon, the Hail Mary pass of geoengineering might become our best shot.

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Get Warned When Your E-Mail is Hacked

Today, I was reading around and I found this great article about how to make sure your email has not been hacked. How would you ever know if someone did get into your mail? Personal information is being stored in those accounts and people are using their email space for personal data backups. How do you make sure you are safe?

Read it right here!

    1. Sign up for a website hit counter at You can leave a fake name and whatever URL you want (I used for mine).

    2. You will then receive a welcome email from OneStat with a text attachment called OneStatScript.txt. Download this attachment to your computer and then delete the email (you don’t want any email snoopers finding it later). But before deleting the email, write down your OneStat account number as you will need it later.

    3. Change the name of the text document to something that will make the email snooper salivate such as passwordlist. Also change the file format from a text document to a website page. So make it something like passwordlist.htm .

    4. Email this newly-renamed file as an attachment to the email account you want to monitor. Make sure the email subject title also lures the snooper in (maybe something like List of Passwords. You get the idea :).

    5. The trap is now set. Basically if someone opens the email and opens the attachment, OneStat will record a hit. If you then log into your OneStat account say once a day, you will see how many hits you have had to your attachment.


The OneStat account page then gives you details on each “visitor” including the date and time they accessed the web document and more importantly their location and IP address!


So how does having this information help you? Well first of all, it will alert you to change your password to something stronger. Secondly, if you see the snooper’s location and you only know one or two people there then it narrows down your list of potential suspects.”

So, take a chance, and try it out!

The Underground Is Now Donation Supported! (With YOUR Help)


The Underground now has a donate page! And to help celebrate, I have this picture to hopefull stir the heart of all you viewers…

You can donate any amount you choose, every bit counts and the higher – the better! The page is set up with a $2, $5, $10, and ‘Your Choice’ Donation amount. All use paypal.

Donation Page Here


~Versatile1, Voltaire, Musicmasteria, and All The Other Writers of The Underground

Alternatives To The Demonator: The Demonoid Proxy

Backup Battery UPS

[The Underground Staff works hard finding solutions while you don’t have to.]

Well, there are now reports that the Demonator is down for the count. Maybe it will get back up. Wait and see? I don’t think so!

To be honest, there are tons of proxies to access Demonoid. And the Demonator is only one.

Here are some other proxy sites that you can use to access the private tracker site.

Here’s a list of fast free proxy sites for you to use when you can’t access some websites at school or work. The list is updated with fresh proxy sites frequently.

Unlock Web
XS2Web Proxy
Work Surf
Your Proxy
MySpace Proxy
Proxy 4 MySpace
proxy 4 you!
Surf Everywhere
Hidden Visits
Check Profiles
MySpace Waiter
Social Surf
MySpace at school with this free web proxy portal
2 de web
BIZ Browser
Most of these work with MySpace and other sites as well, so you can log into the Demonoid site and download your torrents.
I have personally tested Unlock Web, so these should be up and working


What is FlashGet?

It is a download manager. You can use it on RapidShare and in general to speed up your downloads.

“FlashGet is a leading download manager and has the highest amount of users on the internet. It uses MHT(Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technique, supports various protocols and has excellent document management features. FlashGet is a freeware without any adware or spyware.”

We have had a question: How in the world do you use this program?!??

Well, not to fear!

Using google, i found a complete tutorial for FlashGet. It is virus-free and is very large and useful.

Download it here: Tutorial

Some features of FlashGet

Call anti-virus automatically

– increase the download speed and stability

Optimize the system resource

SupportHTTP,FTP,BT,eMule and other various protocols

Powerful files management feature

So start downloading faster today!