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How To Use MotioninJoy to Connect PS3 Controllers Via USB

11-24-12: Initial release.

If you have Windows 7 or 8, you will need to use the MotioninJoy program, although it will still work fine for older operating systems.

Using the MotioninJoy program, you can connect your PS3 controller to the PC via bluetooth, but today’s tutorial will be focused strictly on the USB method, and in this case, using two PS3 controllers connected at same time to the same computer.

Using this method, I was able to play an NES emulator (JNES) with Battletoads and had two player local play. It was awesome!

Text Tutorial
1) Go download and install MotioninJoy. Visit website and download: Here

2) After it is installed, I want you to connect your PS3 controller(s). Now in the main screen, select your drivers and load them.

3) Afterwards, click the Profiles tab, and if all is well, you will see your PS3 controller(s) in the dropdown. Configure appropriately.

4) You know if all is well if you go to the Control Panel to configure your controllers, and you can map everything. below screenshot shows my control panel.

5) Then your PS3 controllers should be recognized in any game or other program. I am using JNES, which is an emulator program, and you can see that my PS3 controllers are available for usage.

So that’s it. Pretty easy, enjoy!