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When Underground Values Clash – Look at It From My View

Foreword:  This thread is a personal view on what it means when people throw out the term “Underground”.  This is simply an expression of thought, and not meant to promote warez or illegal activity. ~ Versatile


7-22-09:  Initial release

If you hadn’t known already, I read all comments on this site and if something comes to mind I blog about it.  Sometimes you got to be careful, because you never know when it might resurface indirectly here as a topic of discussion. Anyway, the latest thing that is going on that almost ticks me off is what I read recently.  A user who has been following us off an on since the 3rd suspension said:

[but] …I am not seeing any good “underground” content.

Basically, we have a user who visits the blog from time to time, and since the last suspension, the articles and topics that come up on this blog are just so-so.  Is that the vibe?  No feedback on the TUG blog?  Maybe I’m just jumping to conclusions, so if you have seen the TUG blog (content is limited but its slowly growing) please leave some comments here.  (

Anyway, this comment really hits home hard, and its rough because there are are so many variables that may not meet a certain reader’s expectation.  I wish to explain what is going on in my head, and the risks I am taking for this blog.  This is my personal take on the matter, and not anyone else.  I am speaking for no one else here, only for myself.  If you are an author and you want to elaborate on my topic, please do so in your own thread.   I am curious to hear someone else story besides my own.  For now, I am the target so send me your bullets.

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Windows Vista did not steal ideas from Mac OS X! (Or did they?)

I found this hilarious video on YouTube where a guy compares Vista and OS X in a battle of ideas. Its a comic untruth, but it certainly has a good point.