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How to Find Inspiration

Many times, whether it’s writer’s block or just blank thoughts, we can’t find any descent forms of inspiration. Simply, nothing comes to mind and you find yourself unable to put pen to paper, or digits to keyboard, or to click a simple button on a camera. Whatever your artistic interests may be, there are a few key places that a person can look. These places, when searched systematically, have endless pools of fresh ideas; an eternal stream of data, just waiting for someone to transform it into magic.

Family and Friends

When we are depressed, we often go to one (if not both) of the two sources and ask for help and advice. Well, inspiration can work the same way. They don’t have to be noted of it; just behave like you would generally, but examine yourself and the world around you more thoroughly and remember what or how you feel. Normally, you would think nothing of it, because family is SUPPOSED to make you feel safe and secure, and friends are SUPPOSED to make you feel excited and cheerful. In these harsh times though, where the cost of inspiration is skyrocketing through the roof, you can use everyday experiences and people, such as your family and friends, to give you the boost you desire.


Sun: the natural light bulb. Wind: the natural air conditioner. Earth: the natural home. Without knowing it, we have isolated ourselves from most of the outside world. It might not feel that way because we have the freedom to decide to stay in or go out, but needless to say, we choose the less intelligent one. Writers read much off of the internet and photographers look for photos on the internet for one MAIN reason: to hijack ideas and transform them into their own. A little thesaurus or Photoshop, and half an hour later you have a perfectly “creative and exclusive” piece of work. It’s not a crime to get thoughts from similar thoughts, but it might be better to start somewhere else first. Nature leads us to find amazing landscapes, marvelous creatures, and an infinite amount of inspiration. The trees, the sun, the moon, wildlife, etc. There are unfathomable amounts of dreams just waiting to become reality.


From good to bad, music is in a category all on its own. Without a doubt, music can bring us from the most unearthly hellish slums, to pure enjoyment and ecstasy. The moment you press play, you can feel enlightenment travel through those headphones, through the air. It tweaks your brain, making you take notice to things that seemed unreal or impossible before. It isn’t a scattered form of art, but more a language. It is a form of energy, and you are the converter. It builds up inside you, until you are full, then it seeps through, exiting your body in form of words or images. You are borrowing its power to make power of your own. It has the capability to make a person with a metal leg run a marathon; it can influence a town, city, state, country, or even the world! Its capabilities are limitless, all you have to do is put them together.

Site for photographers:

Positively inspirational artists: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Beatles, Bob Marley, Guns N’ Roses, Heartless Bastards, Joy Division, Interpol, Killers, Led Zeppelin, MGMT, Rolling Stones, Utada Hikaru, White Stripes, etc.

Underground Inspiration – Apparently, “We” Do Change Lives

Foreword:  This is a runner-up to one of my favorite posts for 2010.   I just know it. It is a bit long, but for good reason. Please read on and be inspired. – Versatile


2-18-10: Initial release.

There is so much I want to write about that it was difficult to write on this topic today, but I just had to. Within the last 24 hours, I have witnessed great feats of inspiration.

Last night during the Olympics, Skier Lindsey Vonn and Snowboarder Shaun White just DOMINATED their events. It was clear they were in the zone and the best at the sport. Starcraft 2 Beta officially started yesterday, and gamers around the world are waiting excitedly for their chance of obtaining a beta key for Starcraft 2.  I just came back from my 5 day Atlanta trip and there were some insights on life I wanted to write about.  However, all of this I have to stop thinking about it because something else has been eating away at my mind the whole afternoon and into the night.

Today, I have what is possibly the best story of inspiration ever and I want to share with you what I know so far. Of course, it wouldn’t do me justice if I told this story alone, so Chyea (or Mark) when you see this, please write your own personal article or leave a comment and I will add it to this article.

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Listening to the rain while falling asleep.

Good evening everyone. Well, it’s the third Thursday of the month which is the day I set aside for RFID, however I’ve been drifting from the life articles I came to write, so for now RFID Thursdays is on hold.

For this week in Life with GN, I wanted to really get deeply back into gear, try something somewhat fresh. But most importantly, and what this research was aimed at doing, was show each of you the things you can truly appreciate in your life.

I’m not exactly sure where the inspiration has come from, although there are a few sources I can be sure of contributing…however, the last couple of days have been very reconstructive for who I am, and compared to the last 2 or so years, I feel like I have myself back, and it truly is the best I’ve felt my entire life. Of course, it might be tied with one or two other things. ; – ) I really want to pass some of that on to you. We live in a busy, stressful world, and taking the little things that are good in our life for granted is second nature to us.

So, I conducted a research survey among several people I know, some who aren’t very close to me, more of acquaintances, some that are really great friends and love dearly, and one that I’ve gotten really close to. The results were incredible. I wrote up and asked a series of 5 questions, which through feedback I learned were quite more challenging than I had expected. Nonetheless, everyone enjoyed answering them (to the best of my knowledge) and I hope they take what they shared as a deep refreshment to heart.

These were the 5 questions:
1. what are your top 3 best moments in life while in the comfort of your own privacy?
2. what are your top 3 best moments in life while in the company of your friends
3. what are your top 3 best moments in life work or school related?
4. what are your top 3 best memories in life?
5. <ask what their main hobby is> what are your top 3 favorite moments in life related to <main hobby here>?
The answers I received were all across the board. Some specific, some general. I’ll give you a few different responses for each question.

1. “When I’m walking around downtown in on of the city parks and listening to music in my room while reading.”

“Playing a series of notes on guitar accidentally, that I didn’t know I could.”

“Sitting on the roof, sometimes at night watching the stars behind the city lights.”

2. “Sitting on the roof on the Fourth of July during a torrental downpour with close friends, singing koombaya.”

“Riding home on the school bus with all of my friends.”

“Going on vacation, sky diving, surfing, etc.”

3. “Getting accepted into college, while being in high school.”

“Going to the opera with my Creative Writing class.”

“Receiving a scholarship for high school.”

4. “Ah it’s horrible, but funny! When at a ski resort, I was tobbogan racing with my sister. I was getting ahead of her when I noticed she flipped up and out of her sled! The first aid guy helped her out, and she was crying and laughing at the same time!”

“Finding the final pieces of who I am, after them having been scattered for almost 2 years.”

“When I found out I was going to England.”

5. “Three Weeks before a costume convention, our group got in costume and took pictures on my front lawn. People were walking and driving past staring at us, but it didn’t matter.”

“When I finished a manga series. It’s such a sad, beautiful piece and I was sad for it to be over, but glad too.”

“Building my first computer for myself, and it not exploding, and loading up correctly when I first turned it on.”

Finally, one of the best and most heart warming experiences I’ve heard to this day:

“I had spine surgery for scoliosis when I was younger. After I woke up, my dad stayed with me for the whole week. I remember the first time they made me walk, I was bawling, but my dad managed to keep his cool and cradled me in his arms to calm me down and lifted me off the stretcher, and helped me walk for the first time. I’ll never forget his gentleness.”

Feel free to answer these questions yourself as well. I then challenge you, send them to a close friend, or post them in a community you can trust, one that will provide constructive feedback, or keep them with you on paper or on your PDA and take them out when you need your spirit lifted. Share these questions with your friends, take them to work, school (you may be able to get some extra credit or kudos, perhaps use them for an assignment or two) get creative! Spread the joy.

[ Source: Inspiration from the wonderful people I know! ]

God speed, and Best wishes.