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The Week Long No Instant Messenger Experiment – Results

9-11-10: Initial release.

First of all, I want to take some time out and say that at the time of this post, this was made on September 11th.  My heart and prayers goes out to all those who risked their lives to save our country, and I wish those families and friends the best.

So this past week I vowed to myself no IM. No instant messenger starting on Labor day, and all through the week through today, Saturday.  What did I experience?  How did it feel?  What did I witness?  Now its time for you to find out.

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First Day of Instant Messenger Freedom

9-7-10: Initial release.

I thought it would be interesting to just write about what it feels like to be liberated from the wrath of technology, more so from the instant messenger programs.

Now I am not going to write about this every single day, but maybe at the end of the week I may write up a reflection post and how things went when a small distraction of my life suddenly “disappeared”.
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Instant Messenger – I Control The IM’s, Not the Other Way Around

4-11-10: Initial release.

Would you believe that some days I have no idea what to write?  Then suddenly something comes along my path, and just like that, I have a new article to write about.

I came home today after a trip visiting the family, and I log onto Trillian real quick on my netbook. Within 5 seconds, I had 5 IMs from five different people. Granted, 2 of the MSN IMs were spam bots, but the other 3 IMs were real. One was a person who wanted to send me a music video, and the other two IMs were offline messages.

Of the two offline messages I got, one of them was thought provoking. I will summarize it below:

It seems like you are hardly online anymore. What happened?

This is a very interesting question, because its open ended, and I have so many ways to spin this.

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Good People Does Not Always Equal Arrogant


1-16-10: Initial release.

A few days ago when I came home from work, I logged onto my Trillian program and I get a friend request on Yahoo network. What else is new, as I have over 130+ people from all over the world in my “Underground Contact” list.

Anyway, this guy messages me and the first thing he says was something along the lines of:

“now you are online bastard”

Jesus Christ, how am I supposed to respond back to this statement? So I thought long and hard (few seconds) and responded like any smart individual would do. I said,  “Well, hello to you to also.”

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Sometimes You Just Got To Get Away From It All

For those of you who have added me as a friend on your Instant Messenger program or Skype, you may have realized that for the last two weeks I have been quite busy.  Maybe you have left me a message via instant messenger, and you saw that I didn’t answer you, or if I did, it was a very late reply.

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