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[TiT] That’s It Tuesday Issue 4

Tit bird

Hi underground visitors! Welcome to the fourth issue of TIT, or That’s It Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I, Versatile1, will give you a rant of whats going on in the blog, whats intended for the future, hope, dreams, etc.

All right, I thought it wouldn’t happen, but it just did. It took about a month, but we finally have 30, thats right, 30 frickin unique commentors that requested I write the XXX tutorial, and how you can find passwords from IRC. Well, your wish is granted. I hope you like this TiT update!

Logistics first. We have a brand new URL, two of them actually. One URL is for the blog, and the other is for the forum. They are listed below:



The forum is just another tool for the Underground Staff to interact with you, the community. We realize that having discussions in posts is not very efficient, so we ask that if you have further questions or ideas, bring them to the forum.

Since the forum is new, I am looking for the community to participate, and post content. The content can be anything, or requests , or whatever. I don’t mind. Just as long as it doesn’t violate forum policy, everything is good.

Now back to the XXX tutorial. In order to see it, you must register at the forum, because that is where it is hosted. 🙂 How else am I going to get people to the forum? To find the tutorial, login to the forum, go to the tutorials section, and it will be there. You can’t miss it.

Other news? We have a sister site hosted at geocities. It just holds static information, but I am looking at adding forms and polls, so it should be good. At the current moment, I have removed the ads, but will most likely reinstate them soon.

This is pretty much it for this week. The irc tutorial is up, so all you pervs out there, I hope you are happy. 🙂 See you next week!

[Update Oct. 30th] For some people, if you try the url link for the forum, it says service unavailable or crap like that. I tested it and I thought I fixed it, but maybe for some of you, it doesn’t work. Don’t worry! The backup url behind the mask is Use that and you should be good if the url redirect fails you.