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[How To] Make WinRAR Not Recognize ISO Files

This post is dedicated to commentor “Harrison”, for it is about time I talk about this than never at all. As we all know, lots of files on the Internet that can be downloaded will need to be extracted by some kind of unzipping utility.

There are a lot of good programs like 7zip, Winrar, WinZip, and WinAce. I use WinRAR because its easy, and I have a free corporate edition from the company a long time ago. 😛

Now, the problem I see occurring in the PS2 threads are people who download an ISO file, and by the act of God, believe that what they have isn’t an ISO file, but a regular RAR or similar compressed file. Well, guess what? You have WinRAR associated with your ISO files, and because of this, you are unzipping the ISO file when you really shouldn’t.

This is how you can fix the situation:

1) Open WinRAR.

2) Go to Options -> Settings.

3) Go to the Integrations tab.

4) Unselect ISO checkbox if it is checked and select OK.

WinRAR Settings

Now you are done! No more confusion. Good luck on your unzipping journey. 😛