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Technology – It Can Work Against You For Worse

How much do you rely on technology today to get through your day?  Do you have an alarm clock?  Odds are it is digital, and it is programmable to wake you up at a certain time of day.

Now alarm clocks are getting sophisticated.  Take mine for example: It has a built in time synchronization in it where it can check the satellite in space and automatically adjust the clock time per my time zone. What is real cool is that if you unplug it, and then plug it back in it will automatically reconfigure itself, and it will even adjust itself for daylight savings time!  Even better, no need for 9Volt batteries to keep track of the time.

So where am I going with this?  As great as technology can be at times, it can work against you in times when you don’t realize.  This past week on Monday, I got up at 7am.  I pressed the snooze button a few times, and then finally got up and left for work at what I had believed was 8am according to my clock.

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Underground Social Experiment

It’s been awhile since I have last written, and this time around I thought I am going to be something I have never done before, which is a social experiment of sorts.

Every day people are asking questions, are you one of them?  Were you at school and you asked someone a question on how to do a certain problem?  Maybe you asked your teacher for help on a particular subject or clarification?

Were you at work and you had a question on what the customer wanted?  A question on your latest bill statement?  Life is full of questions.  However, over the course of time, it becomes obvious that some questions or conceptions just never go away or die.

As we all know, I am a very busy person.  I get home from work, and my time is limited to do a few tasks before I have to go to bed and then repeat the whole cycle the next day.  With that said, about 70% of my free time (maybe more or less depending on what happens that day) is related to answering questions about a diverse group of subjects.

How many questions is too many questions?  It’s time to find out in my little experiment.  Beginning today through the end of day Friday, I will be documenting and collecting every single question that is directed to me.

It can be a simple question on Youtube on my video, an e-mail, a comment here on the blog, or even in an instant messenger.  I am going to harvest every single question and collect it day by day groupings.

On Saturday, I will post the massive list of questions here on the blog for all of you to see. I don’t expect much of it to make sense, because I am just collecting questions, but I will put the questions in a topic header to separate questions from one to the other.

With that said, I am going to put up a new poll and lets see how many questions I am going to get between today and end of day Friday.  Will it be ten questions, 50, 100, 500?  We will soon find out!

How To Become Self-Sufficient Knowledge Wise – A Rant

These past few weeks have been rough and I’ll shortly describe why.  As they say, you are your own worst enemy and in this case I believe it is true.  These last few weeks when I am not here posting an article, I am away at my computer conjuring new things in mind, and a lot of it recently has been involvement with Tunngle tutorials.

To those who don’t know what Tunngle is it is essentially another VPN solution.  Think of it as a mix between Steam, Garena, and Hamachi all rolled into one and its great for playing LAN games over the Internet easily without trouble. This article is not to talk about Tunngle, but merely to express where most of my time has been lately.

Anyway, if anyone is familiar with Youtube, you can upload your own videos and if your videos are something that is important to people, you will bound to get questions.  No tutorial or video I have seen is question free.  There is always and I mean always that one guy in the crowd who needs clarification on something, even if it is obvious to the creator or to other people.

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What We Can Do to Better Ourselves

We often think that we are stuck in a loophole, just waiting to go to work and then come back. Feed your dog, watch television, eat a bucket of ice cream and then off to bed; rewind and repeat. Well here are some ways to better ourselves in any way we can, and some reasons why we do the things we do.

Set Goals and Go Achieve

This is a basic idea, yet most fail to practice it. For example, if I were to set my goals to getting all A’s, and then do everything in my power to achieve that goal. It doesn’t have to be related to school in any way! It doesn’t have to be so extreme either. Maybe you have always wanted to go to Cedar Point, but were to afraid. Well then set your goal to go to the carnival. However you achieve success is up to you. But, don’t forget to do everything in your power! You can do everything you’ve ever wanted, step-by-step. Even make a list if you have to then you’ll be crossing off the items on the list one by one with a smile. It brings joy to any person to be progression.


One of the best and most simple things to do, but effective. This activity can be done at almost any time of the day, and it is also among the cheapest. It doesn’t have to be the biggest, toughest work-out; even a simple walk will do. Exercise is a proven to make a person happier, and it also helps someone feel better about themselves. Builds your physique and breaks down your fat! What have you got to lose?! (except fat)


This will definitely mix things up. Writing lets an individual express his/her ideas and be creative. Sitting here right now writing this article is bringing me happiness! I don’t write to impress others, I write for myself. Often I get asked “if you don’t get paid to write, then why do you do it?” Well the simple yet complex answer to that my friend is because I ENJOY IT. Whether it’s a poem, an article, essay, idea, journal, story, book, or even just a thought on paper. Write and I promise that you will prosper!


Now, I’m not here to tell you how to live your life, but without love what is life? there is a difference between living and being alive. Find that one magical person that you want and need! Speaking from experience, I was feeling alone and empty, and I just didn’t know what was wrong. There seemed to be something missing, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. In most cases, people are alone for so long that they have become accustomed to it. Then I got a girlfriend, it only lasted for about three months, but I did learn something. I learned that I was missing a huge chunk of life. It came to my conclusion that she was the missing piece of the puzzle. Now I look for girls left and right, take every chance I get, and you should do the same too.

To conclude, no matter what you do, don’t forget to try to better yourself. You only live once (unless you are Budhist), so make the best of it. Be all that you can be, and strive to achieve!

Any comments or stories, especially success stories are greatly appreciated.

Religious Theories


 I understand that this is a delicate topic for most and that is exactly why the title is as is, “Religious THEORIES.” These are just personal opinions of mine, not actual facts, and excuse me if I offend anyone in any way. I would love comments trying to flaw my theories, as this is a blog of course, so let’s blog!

 First and foremost, I do respect all religious beliefs, and I have nothing against any religion in any way as long as people don’t try to convert me. If we are all mature enough we might just make it through this!

 Why is religion good?


 Starting with the biggest one, Christianity. Well here is a standstill between good and evil; simple rules to follow really. If you are good you go to heaven, but if you are a greedy little conniving devil you will most likely be going to hell. I like Christianity’s beliefs because they are definitely simple (no offense).


 Second, Hinduism. I look up to this religion for a good reason. Meditation is a key part, along with concentration. I would live to just sit and ponder all day, for it would give me time to truly appreciate what is important.


 The only reason I favor Muslim is because I’m a man. If it were for any different entities, I would not swing in this direction at all. I might have confused some of you, let me clarify. In this religion, men reap all of the rewards. I’m sure we would all love to be sitting in heaven with 72 virgins and a river of mine!


 Well, Buddhism is one of my favorite religions because it doesn’t have something every other religion has. It has no god! And for all of you who think that Buddha is their god, he is not! He was the first person to reach enlightenment. Much like Hinduism, it also involves meditation.


 I favor Paganism because it is original. It was one of the very first religions to involve magic, fortune-telling, and spirits. It has many minor branches, one being Wiccan. They are also responsible for the origins of many Christian holidays, especially Easter.


 A very well-thought out religion. This one is special because they were the first to have just one god (Don’t be jealous Christians). It is also less bullied and targeted because the Holocaust, which gives room for growth.


 Obviously, Satanism gets criticized a lot more, simply for the fact that they took something evil and turned it good, in most eyes at least. I like it because, like me, they are the outcasts.


 I have saved the best for last, Atheism. This is of course because I am an Atheist. My favorite thing about this religion is that the followers have accepted the fact that there is no afterlife; once you’re dead you’re dead!

 I am going to whip up some Christian-Atheist debating, and this is because most of you reading this are probably either Christian or Atheist. Majority rules, but if anyone has any special requests feel free to ask.

 Is the Bible flawed?

 Well, being an Atheist I would believe so, but unlike most religious believers, I back up my theories/opinions with facts. One of the main parts of Christianity says, “…thou shall not kill.” Simple to understand really, just don’t kill anyone. Another part though, says something along the lines of, “…burn down any neighboring villages that believe in any god besides the one and true god and kill the non-believers…” What ever happened to not killing anyone?

 What about other religions?

 Well, obviously only one religion is right, and what if it were Christianity? Well, then everyone else would be going to hell, right? But I thought Jesus was forgiving? Oh well! Now people might say something like, “he is, but you have to ask for forgiveness.” I can most certainly tell you that a Muslim believer, for example, will NEVER ask for forgiveness. The thing is, everyone who is not a Christian thinks they are right, so no point bothering to get them to ask for forgiveness.

 If Jesus died for our sins, wouldn’t we all go to Heaven?

 This is also a flaw that I see with Christianity. That is, why bother being good if Christians have Jesus that died for their sins? I other words, a Christian can cause all the mischief he/she wants if he/she just asks for Jesus’ forgiveness. Murder is a deadly sin, but since the son of God has died for us, all believers go to heaven!

If god has a plan for all of us then what’s the point of anything?

 See, now this is where it gets really tricky. Most Christians, even Versatile the main blog operator, agreed that God has a plan for all of us. Well if god has a plan what is the point of doing anything, because we’ll end up in the same place, according to the plan in store. You can’t change the future, because the future is the future, and it WILL happen, no matter what. Keeping this in mind, what’s the point of doing anything? We all follow the path that God has in store for us, so we will end up in the same place no matter what, so why bother?

 To wrap this up I will say that obviously we do not live in a time of sacrificing goats and crucifying people and slavery, so the thing to be learned from all of this is that life changes, so we have to change religion with it. We have created better ways of living our lifestyles, and different ways of interpreting religion. Religion is good because it keeps people in place, prevents them from doing bad, and makes them stay good. Without religion we would all just commit suicide, because there would be no motive to drive us through life. Religion is great, because it gives us something to look forward to in the afterlife.

 Please comment, share your theories and opinions with us, let’s hear what you have to say.

Tech Savvyness Is Not a Reader Prerequisite


7-24-09:  Initial release.

7-25-09:  Minor edits.

As I reflect on the history of this blog, I have to admit that a lot of my articles here are fairly technical. Whether it is about modding your game console, doing a specific task on the computer, or making your favorite game work online, there are a lot of technical details you have to know during the process.

I am a big blog reader.  I am a huge fan of and  In fact, they are part of my daily soup and butter, along with just to keep up with the hippest items on the Internet.  It can be very easy for someone to write a lot of “jargon” and technical details in a very non-concise manner and it just leaves the user (in this case, novices) left scratching their head.  This equals frustration, confusion, and the worst part of all …. no positive results.

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It Is OK To Fall Down

Falling Down

True Story:  I was at Church yesterday, and it was fairly packed, even for a 6 PM mass session.  There was a point in the mass where the Priest takes the holy bread, and passes it around to all the assistants behind him.  Usually, these assistants are avid church members and they volunteer to help out with the Eucharist and serve the bread/wine to the church attendees.

Anyway, while the whole crowd was kneeling in the pews praying, we heard a loud “Oh” over the microphone.  We looked at the altar, and it appeared that one of the elderly assistants (a man about his 70s) had somehow fallen down and pulled the lady next to him.

Of course, the bread basket he was holding had also fell down and the bread was strewn all across the floor.  It truly was an awkward moment.  The three people left standing with bread and wine in their hands went down to the bottom of the steps and just stood there, waiting for people to line up to be served.  Finally, the music started playing from the choir and that helped muffle the embarrassment of the old man.

The old man got up, was given a new tray of bread, and went on his merry way serving the rest of the church goers.  For those 2 minutes, it was just the most awkward thing ever for me to watch.  Surely, if I was there and I had fallen down with your holy bread, I would be ashamed too.  I’m sure everyone just focused on the altar, just in utter disbelief that this could have happen.  However, remind you this was at church, a place of forgiveness, so I’m sure many of this just let this go and continue on.

After all, we all fall down some time and get back up, don’t we?  Think about it.  You are playing a sport and you fall down while running, or someone knocks you down.  Do you cry?  No, you get back up and go at it!

Received a poor test grade?  Do you sit around and piss and moan?  Nope, you study harder for the next test to get that A.  Falling down is just a natural part of life.  You get scraped on the knee, put on your bandaid, and just get back up and continue.

Are people going to be pissed because you can’t stand by yourself all the time?  Well, maybe if it is something important, but in general it is OK to fall down.

I like to chew people out from time to time.  Do I take pride in telling people what their inadequacies are?  No, not really, but it helps to get their mind straight. I use this tactic a lot whenever I am in the Garena chat rooms trying to teach someone how to do a certain task.

First off, I always start off with a statement something along the lines of “Don’t be a tool.”  Learn for yourself.  Don’t just eat the fish, but learn how to fish.  By doing so, it is the only way you can become self-sufficient, which helps everyone out.

It is OK to start off as a tool, but as you grow and become wiser and smarter, then you can start using the tools to help you succeed.  Get my drift?

When was the last time you fell down?  Did it hurt?  Did you get back up and came back stronger than ever?  Let’s hear your story, and motivate the rest of us to understand it is OK to fall down in life and get right back up again.

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Tangent Conversations – Annoying!!!!

Foreword:  This is by far my favorite post of 2009 so far.  It will give you insight into how I work and engage myself with others online.  If you see yourself being pestered by me, or you see me irritated, it is because you are trying to engage yourself into a tangent conversation that I want no part of.  Remember that. ~ Versatile

This post will be easy for me to write, compared to the various tutorials I like to put up on this blog from time to time.  So what is on my mind this time?  Being a blog author, and an Internet enthusiast, as well as a person who loves to game and chat online, I meet a lot of interesting people online.  These people come from all walks of the Earth, whether it is a random occurence from hamachi, from this blog, e-mail, forums, Garena, and other social type networks.

I may not know the thousands of people that visit this site, but I”m sure they recognize who I am.  Are you one of these people?  You must be if you are reading this post. :0

Let’s hear the juicy rant!

Kindness Does Exist In a World of Hate

Do you believe in miracles?  How about acts of kindness?  I, for one, am a skeptical man (almost).  There have been some interesting stories in my life that seems unbelievable, and here is one that just occurred yesterday in fact.

What is the story this time?

Roll With the Punches – Tomorrow Is a New Day


Is it one of those days again?  You had a long day at work, at school, or wherever and you feel tired and beaten down.  It’s as if the world is out to get you, and no one can relate?  Ever feel like that?  Don’t worry, I feel like that too every now and then.  Listen, there is hope.  This is what you need to do.

How to roll with the punches