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Physical, mental, family, and life health are important aspects in life.  You cannot be healthy without being well in all four subject areas. This article takes a look into each section and see how you can be more healthy starting today.

Physical Health

Who doesn’t want to be physically fit?! This is a very important asset to have. So why is physical health so important? Well, for one, it lengthens life expectancy. Live longer! It might be hard to pick up at first, but it is important in the long end. Exercise also makes you feel fantastic. More confidence, and it makes you happy. It is proven to release endorphins that make you happy. So when you’re feeling glum, go exercise. Another very peculiar thing that it does is it lets you sleep better. Most people often complain about sleeping problems, and most of those people are lazy. Exercise regulates your internal clock, and it helps you sleep much better. And last but not least, let’s not forget, it makes you look more attractive! So if you are trying to impress that one special person, why not get in shape and do just that?!

Mental Health

Mental health is very important in everyday life for many reasons. Think clearly, think faster, perform tasks better, makes speech clearer, and it just, on average, makes you sound smarter. This is a type of chain; one sets off the other, and so on. Mentally helps you think of words or sentences faster, get your work or homework done A LOT quicker, and it gives you better word choice to make you sound like a pure genius! Reading, writing and mental games such as chess or checkers all help progress this process. These are all things to exercise your mind with.

Family Health

Whether it’s just your parents or your wife and three children, it’s always good to have a good relationship with your family.Although people say they are cheerful alone, they are never as happy as they are with their family. It is key to true happiness. It is a new kind of love that must be experience. A life is wasted without family, for family is a main ingredient in the hodgepodge we call “living.” They support your decision and they back you 100% on anything, even if you’re wrong. And most importantly, they are always there to cheer you up when no one else is. Family helps you up at your weakest moment.

Life Health

A well-maintained life is very important. Inside you is the spark of true happiness, and the world is your fuel. If you have a healthy life overall, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. You can control so much more than you think. YOU have the power to shape your future any way you want! All that is needed is confidence and willpower.


Exercise to live your life longer and feel better.

Train your mind to be more knowledgeable.

Support your family, because they’re always supporting you.

With all of this you can become everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

[Free Stuff] PrizeLive: A New Way to Get Easy Money

Well, you know us. Actually, me, I’m the more obsessive one about free stuff. I mean, free stuff for doing almost nothing? That’s a profit! So I’ve done a LOT of “free” stuff places in the past few months. Last time, we talked about PrizeRebel. This time, I’ve got a place that’s EVEN EASIER than PrizeRebel. It’s so easy, I can’t even believe it.

Anyone using PrizeRebel knows that while you can get easy credits and quick prizes, the system sometimes does not credit their users properly. However, I’m not giving up on it; I got a $20 keyboard for free in 1 week, doing offers for 20 minutes a day. (Around 2 – 3 offers) Add RoboForm to that, and you’re golden.

But PrizeLive is something different. Here, you make cash that can be sent to you via PayPal or check. What you do is fill in quick offers, like submitting emails, zip codes, surveys, and others. You can even view sites for quick cash! Within 1 day, I earned $1.22, and I spent only 5 minutes. There’s even a monthly jackpot of around $300!

How to make quick money:

1) Sign up at Please share the wealth, and sign up with my ref link. You don’t HAVE to, but it doesn’t hurt you, and it will help you if I decide to hold a contest in the future. So click here for my ref link.

2) When you sign in, go to the Offer List. There is a green button, it is pretty easy to find.

3) Find an offer which you want to do, read the instructions, click on the link (it will open a new tab), and complete EXACTLY what the instructions say to do. Afterwards, go back to PrizeLive and click submit under that offer to submit it for review.

4) CLEAR YOUR COOKIES. If you don’t do this, you won’t get as many offers accepted. Just do it, you will be grateful you did once more offers start creditting your account.

5) Complete offers from the LAST 30 COMPLETED or the 30 MOST POPULAR. Why? Well, these are the offers that are creditting the most. So, as a reason behind my insane logic, these offers are most likely to be creditted for you as well.

6) Play the game correctly, not hard. What I mean is, don’t do every single offer you see. You will probably not be credited at all. Do an offer, CLEAR THOSE COOKIES, wait for 5 to 10 minutes, and go do another one. It is also best to do only 8 to 10 offers a day. Why? Well, doing more offers means that it will take more time to credit each one from that day. If you do 100 offers in 1 day, chances are, few will credit. If you do 10, most of them will credit within a week.

7) Complete ALL Zip code offers. These offers credit VERY quickly, in around 10 minutes. Plus, they are easy to do and good credit.

8 ) Do TWO PTC (Pay to click) offers a day. It might seem like little pay off (1 cent isn’t much) BUT it gives you 2 jackpot entries a day for doing NOTHING. You don’t even have to wait at the page, just click it, let it load, and close it. And you don’t need to clear cookies until after you viewed both sites.

Note: Every offer that credits for you adds 1 entry to the jackpot. There are roughly 7000 to 8000 entries per month. Now, seems like a lot, but a 1% chance is REALLY good for you. Thus, doing 2 PTC a day will get you 2 entries a day, so around 60 entries a month. And every other offer you do gets you entries, so you can easily end with 100 entries or more. Again, play the game correctly, not hard.

9) Use a DIFFERENT EMAIL EACH TIME that you do a “submit email” offer. The companies want different emails in their system, not the same ones, so play the game and do it their way. They don’t want your same email again, they can’t spam you MORE anyway. Use Mailinator or to get a random junk email, and use it once. Use a new one after clearing cookies and doing it again. EDIT: I was informed by the Administrator of PrizeLive that fake email addresses aren’t supposed to be used. First, they aren’t allowed technically (though reports have confirmed it working, but still). Second, advertisers don’t like it and are more likely to not credit you. So make a new account at gmail, hotmail,, etc. when you need something new.

10 ) Be diligent. Don’t give up. If something isn’t crediting, just wait it out and do other offers. Not everything will credit as it depends on the survey site accept you, and each site takes different amounts of time. If you don’t get the credit, the offer will be available next month for you to do again. Besides, it takes around 5 minutes total in your day to do 8 offers. You don’t have that much time? I bet you do!

11) Tell people to be your referral. They will get you extra cash, and if they too refer people, you will get even MORE cash. You get 10% of whatever tier 1 and tier 2 referrals make as an added bonus (don’t worry, they don’t lose 10%, you get an EXTRA 10% of what they make).

12) This is optional, but it helps you log in quickly after cookie clearing. Download and install the PrizeLive Toolbar. You get extra credits every 24 hours and hot links to the important parts of the site.  It’s not bad, but you don’t need it to get cash.

12) Optional as well. You can own an offer. This will cost you some points (say 0.13 points) but the profits are pretty nice if you pick wisely. What owning an offer does: If anyone else on PrizeLive does the offer and is credited within the 5 days that you own the offer, you get 10% of that offers worth. If you pick the right offers, like things that reappear on the Top 30 constantly, you can reap big profits. And you can own 5 offers at a time!

Want more proof? My friend bought his Halloween costume using only money from PrizeLive. Another friend started 2 days ago, went all out, and earned $21 by being smart and playing the game correctly.

So hope along! I give this site a solid 10/10.


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TGI Friday! #1

It’s possibly the greatest moment of the week when you get home after work or school, sit down and say ‘Thank God it’s Friday!’ For someone who lives as much for the weekend as myself, I know that Friday night is one of the most looked forward to points of my week. To show you just how much I love Fridays, here’s a picture I made a while back:

I love Fridays!

However, as much as it allows us to look forward to all the fun the weekend will bring, it is also a moment where we can look back on what the week has given us, and therein lies the point of these weekly posts. Every Friday from now on, I will endeavour to summarise as best I can what has happened in the Underground world of technology and perhaps bring certain other things to your attention, whether they will shock you or amuse you.

Perhaps the biggest thing this week was the CES, which stands for Consumer Electronics Show. If you’re still confused, think of E3 but for general technology. This year’s show brought to our attention the world’s largest LCD screen and also the Optimus keyboard, which has finally come out of development hell to ship in 2 months (if it’s not delayed…) with a huge price tag of $1500! However, this particular keyboard is probably worth it, considering just how awesome it is.

For a little more on CES, check out this article.

Technically this didn’t happen this week and so is quite old news, but nonetheless for those who still haven’t heard, three Texans attempted to sue Microsoft over a weekend of Xbox Live outages for $5 million. Naturally, as we all know that the Internet is serious business, this has been the source of much debate and argument. Should Microsoft face the price for a faulty service? Should these people just shut up and get a life? Read more here.

And news just in, Darth Vader and Yoda have been confirmed for Soul Calibur IV, for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 respectively! This is no hoax my friends, and is certainly a very interesting decision for a series that has already seen some major cross-overs in the form of Link, Spawn and Heihachi. See the trailer below!

And so with that, I’m off. So far you are being left with a hot picture every week, and so I will try and leave you with a humourous video every week. Seeing as CES was the main event this week, I leave you with this video of the guys at Gizmodo wreaking havoc with the monitors at CES. Enjoy!

Dirty Secrets About Hotel Drinking Glasses

Well, apparently, even the glasses at the hotels aren’t good enough anymore. Why? They may not even be clean! A hidden camera investigation shows that water glasses in your hotel room may never reach a dishwasher or even water:

Versatile1 edit: Because Voltaire’s video embed didn’t work, here is the link to the source with the video: Link

Fully Alive.

Fully Alive

This week in Life, I will give relay some steps that will help you get on track to being the leader in situations both in your everyday life and at work or school, when everyone else is slacking off. It will not only give you leadership skill, but it will contribute to getting yourself in motivation to do the things you’ve wanted to complete before you die; to fulfill some things you’ve always wanted to do in your life.

First, a simple list of 8 things you will have to realize and set in motion:

#1: Set expectations. The owner of Hewlett Packard would walk by everyone’s desk in the morning and ask each person “what’s new?” so eventually, everyone everyday would want to come into work saying “I have something good to tell the boss today.” which is why HP is leader in innovation when it comes to the personal pre-built computer.

#2: Focus on what’s important. Do you have kids? Family that’s very dear to you? Friends you would take a bullet for? Your employees or customers or any fellow workmates? There have been many interviews with top CEOs, executives, business owners, that all say they had worked for wealth and fame their whole lives, and when they reach it, they feel like something’s missing, that there’s an emptiness unfilled.

#3: Make room for new leaders. George Lucas did not have the means to make the first Star Wars movie, so he needed the help of Steven Spielberg. Even a coach of a football team has a team of advisers. Don’t try to be the lone wolf. Accept help and collaboration, brainstorming is a required daily exercise with top Japanese executives in a lot of electronics companies. I’ll let their international success speak for itself.

#4: Listen. “…the very essence of leadership has to do with meeting deep human needs on the part of followers. When these needs are met, the leader-follower connection is made and followers will walk the ninth mile for their leaders. When these needs are ignored…followers will do the minimum that is required or actually work against the goals of the leader.” – Mardy Grothe. I’ll let you search his name. Have you ever been in a painful part of life, or faced an extremely tough decision and someone just listened to you talk and you sort of just figured out what to do on your own? I have, and there’s no feeling better than knowing someone helped you help yourself, by not even talking. Granted, not everyone has or can experience this, so it’s vital those people practice it as well. Listening is the core component of any relationship. Casual, business, etc.

Now, name a great leader you’ve followed.

This we look for in a leader include:

One who is fully present – right here, right now.

Provides clarity of vision – “True North”

Someone who validates us and sees our greatness.

Now describe a WOW! experience in your life, a time when you felt fully alive.

#5: You’re always here. The time is always now. What would your life look like if you lived right here, right now and did it consistently? If you haven’t seen the movie “Miracle on Ice”, I highly recommend it. For conversation sake, take a scan over the wiki of the story: Back in the 70’s and 80’s times were tough for America politically especially. The USA prided in our sports teams. At the time, the Soviets had the absolute best hockey team. Well, the US invited them over here, and they beat 9 our of our 10 best NHL teams. The US had assembled a team of the best amateur and collegiate players for the 1980 Olympic Games, and in the locker room before the game, Coach Brooks said something very important: “We’ll play them 10 times. They may win 9. But not tonight. Tonight, we win.” The American team beat the Soviets 4-3 in one of the most memorable games to date.

#6: Make it your time. “Many men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” – Henry David Thoreau. Don’t die without singing your song.

So how come you’re not doing this stuff all the time? Hint: It’s all about dealing with reality.

#7: Deal with reality. The man where this material originates gave a good story about his experience on vacation. He noticed a middle aged woman laying on the beach in with one leg over the chair, just looking very lovely to him. He wanted to go over to her and tell her that, with no other intention, but he felt she might get a little weird about it, and after walking past her, 20 seconds later he said you know what, enough of this and walked back to her and said, “I just had to say, you look very lovely laying there the way you are” and she pushed her sunglasses up, looked at him and said “I can’t believe it. Here I am at 40 feeling old and unattractive, and you come along and tell me something like that. You must be my guardian angel.” In dealing with the reality that he really had no idea what was going to happen, he fought off his “I can’t” attitude and it turned out to be a very good thing.

What is your “I can’t” story that limits you? That is, a self-imposed limitation. Write it out.

“Horn Broken, Watch For Finger” is an actual bumper sticker people have. When someone cuts you off, you have a choice. To waste time getting mad about it, or making the best of the situation. Easier said than done, I know, believe me, I know. But it’s an example, is that part of your “I can’t” story? Part of fighting the “I can’t” attitude is self control. And fighting the urge to be mad at someone who’s totally in the wrong is an excellent exercise for doing so.

Accountability: A person choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results.

You can only take your people where you have already been. That means you have to go first. How can you be more accountable? Write it out.

If you always do

what you’ve always done,

you’ll always get

what you always got.

Einstein defined insanity as doing something over and over again in the same way, expecting the different results.

#8: If you want something different or better, YOU will have to change.

What is your One Thing?


What do you want to Expand?

To summarize:

#1: Set expectations

#2: Focus on what’s important | Provide clarity of vision – True North – Talk about your One Thing

#3: Make room for new leaders

#4: Listen

#5: You’re always here. The time is always now. | Be fully present – right here, right now

#6: Make it your time. | Validate – See greatness in others

#7: Deal with reality | Abandon “I can’t” | Take full responsibility

#8: If you want something different or better, YOU will have to change.


1. Write your Personal Vision Statement

2. Write your Personal Mission Statement

3. Be clear about your Higher Purpose

4. Be clear about your Values

5. Define success

6. Write your Stump Speech

(Where you’re going, Why you’re going there & Who’s going with you)

What will you do

…so that you’ll create the success you want and live the Fully Alive life you were born to live?

#9: CHANGE THE WORLD! Yes I know, we said 8. But, come home to the you that you haven’t yet fully realized. Come home to who you really are.

Source: [Copyright 2005 – 2007 by Jack Altschuler. All rights reserved]