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May 21st, 2011 – End of the World – We Are Still Here, So WTF?

5-21-11: Initial release.

If you haven’t heard, there have been cult groups for the past year or so that has been proclaiming that on May 21st, 2011, the world will end. Today is May 21st, and I have yet to see any doomsday scenario.

Epic fail?

If you want to get up to speed on the whole May 21st story, you can read the two links below:

The bottom line is that even in the past, the world was expected to end two different times. What happened to the people who saw that the world didn’t end when they expected to?  Well, according to the news, some of these guys will commit suicides.  Most of them are in financial shambles, because they sold their house and extinguished their children’s college funds waiting for the epic grand finale for the world to end.  Except that the world didn’t end at all, and now they have no house and no money. Oops!
Come next year, December 21st, 2012, there is another doomsday scenario predicted.  Even my friend had warned me that the world is going to end in 2012, and I just had to roll my eyes.  If it happened, fine, but if it didn’t, then life will continue.
I am not going to waste one more minute in trying to prepare for the end of the world, because whether you like it or not, we will all die someday. *shudders*
Have a great Saturday!