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How to Use Swap Magic – A Playstation 2 Mod

[Update 7/17/08: Added my own version video of using Swap Magic]

Being a proud owner of the fat version of playstation 2, I thought I’d take the time to gather some tutorials over the next couple days, weeks, to have a collection of tutorials showing you how easy it is to copy PS2 games, back them up, and mod your PS2 to play these backed up games.

The first of the series is Swap Magic. Unfortunately, swap magic is hard to come by in the United States because of FBI raids in August. They launched search warrants in 16 states, goiing after mod chip makers and distributors. That isn’t to say you can’t find it in the United States. There are still some websites that continue to sell it. Which ones they are, I am not sure at this point. Please go to forums, there are a lot of people there that can help steer you into the right direction.

See below for my own video on using swap magic.