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9-12-14: Initial release.

9-23-14: Plusmaster for black ops 2 was shut down, so I linked a new video tutorial.

When you are a gamer and tutorial enthusiast like me, you are always on the hunt to do the most badass game tutorials out there, right? Now did you know there are several popular games that you can play online on cracked servers, that do not require steam or origin?

Rather than write out the steps to each game method, please see my list of game videos below. In particular, I am going to show you games where the gamers have setup their own online emulator service to play, which is so bad ass!

Battlefield Bad Company 2

Battlefield 3

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Black Ops

Call of Duty Black Ops II

If there are more bad ass games with emulators, I will add to this list. Enjoy!

[How To] Play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Spec Ops Online Using Tunngle (Or Hamachi)

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11-14-09: Initial release. About time, right?

11-15-09: Added youtube video.

11-16-09: Added “Things to lookout for”

12-4-09: Added special fix for those using skidrow release?

12-28-09: Fixed youtube video.

12-3-10: Fixed dropbox link.

5-29-12: Fixed the megaupload link to now be mediafire.


Note: My thanks go out to TeknoGods obviously for providing one of the most important files ever for this game, and a friendly shoutout to all the people on Tunngle.  Sorry Garena guys, you get no love from me.  ~ Versatile (Tunngle ID = versatile)

Important Personal Message From Versatile:

Guys, I know there are a lot of you out there searching the Internet like mad for a GOOD guide that shows you how to play multiplayer online without using IWnet. As of today (11/14/09), there is a fix to play spec op co-op online, but not the real multiplayer portion. Once new information comes up, this guide will be updated.

Also, it is very important that this guide is for legitimate uses only.  Piracy will not be tolerated in any shape or form.  If something is written or found out of line, it will be corrected ASAP.  We (The Underground Staff) do not want a WordPress suspension.  We will not be offering links to “cracks” or obvious game executables.  There are legitimate users out there who want to play offline co-op for legitimate purposes.  This guide is for them.

If you have a question or specific problem that lies outside this scenario, then we will deal with it at that point in time.  Please understand my good intentions.  Modern Warfare 2 is a great game, and the co-op (and hopefully soon to be online multiplayer) will rock your socks off.  ~ Versatile

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Blog Update: November 13th

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Hey guys, just wanted to get a quick blog update because the next few days will be very exciting around here.  I recently beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and the single player was just WOW.  There are some very controversial missions in there, and when you play it will have you stunned.

I do not want to spoil it, but there is one mission where you are a terrorist and you are in an airport with guns and you have to take out civilians.  Another mission later on is an assault on the White House.  It was a lot of fun playing it, and to see all the different environments. It truly is better than the first game.

Now as we all know, MW2 has no LAN or dedicated server support.  This means you are forced to use Steam to play online.  Well, hell.  What if I don’t want to use Steam and play online with my friends?  What if I want to bypass Steam and play offline with a friend with the spec op mode?

I spent a good portion of my evening just doing that, and once I got it working, I was literally pounding my fist in the air!  There is something dead sexy about gunning a helicopter gun and covering your teammate on the ground as he tries to get to the extraction zone.

Now of course I know there are a lot of people out there wanting to learn how to play multiplayer online bypass the IWnet.  >_>  I also know Activision is also out there doing the same thing. 🙂

Not sure what to do, but I am sure something will come out of this.  Stay tuned.

Oh yea, as I went through the game, I took a lot of screenshots to become my wallpaper.  The picture above is one such example.  I will show off the album in a future post.


On a side note: I have been working on a private blog for Tunngle to basically get Tunngle people together to plan something special when the international version of Tunngle is released.  We are starting to get some good ideas, and we need more people involved with the brainstorming or participation.

I may have to youtube a quick video to get the subscribers notified too. It is a lot of work, but the payoff will be great.

Next week is L4D 2 week, and you know what that means? I will be there playing it and most likely making a guide. Learning from my mistake witih L4D1, I am going to skip hamachi and garena.  It has been a tough decision, but its worth it because I am going to Tunngle for the guide/videos.

Garena has an immature player base, and the hamachi networks are just too small to have a good game going. Plus, I have to manually prune people out is no fun or productivity save on my end, so Tunngle all the way.


If you are a big xbox modding fan, you might have noticed that Assassin’s Creed 2 is now leaked online before November 17th. Do you have it?  Are you playing it?  Let me know how it is, because I want to play it too!

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2 – Steam Trojan Horse?


If you are a gamer, you will know that today is huge because Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been released.  Reviews have been high for the Xbox 360 and PS3, and it is no surprise that some PC gamers are giving it low scores.

Here are some quick reasons why PC gamers got screwed:

  • 16 maps. The max amount of players on any map is 9v9.
  • No dedicated server support. Infinity Ward’s IWNet protocol controls everything.  This means no mods and no customizations whatsoever.
  • No console. You can’t even kick people.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  If you search Google News right now for Modern Warfare 2, there are thousands of headlines on this.

One headline that really got my sight was this one: ” Modern Warfare 2 Shunned by Several Digital Distributors Due to Steam ‘Trojan Horse’.

What does that even mean?  If you bought this game retail from the store, you are FORCED to install Steam in order to play this game.  The Steam protocol ensures your game is updated, anti-hacked, and everything else that comes with it.

Per Direct 2 Drive, an online distributor, they will not carry this game because of the inclusion of the Steam client.  Below is their statement:

“We believe strongly that when you buy a game from us, you shouldn’t be forced to install and run a 3rd party software client to be able to play the game you purchased,” D2D explains in a statement masquerading as a listing for Modern Warfare 2 in its store. A representative later told Kotaku “We don’t believe games should force the user to install a Trojan Horse.”  Source

What makes it worse is that if you had pre-ordered the game on Steam, you will have to wait until November 12, Thursday to play the game!  What is even more hilarious is that if you went out to the store and bought the game instead, you will be playing it online right now.  The retail version of the game also has Steam, so it makes absolutely no sense why pre-order purchasers are getting screwed over right now.

This signifies that DRM is not all it is cracked to be, and even innocent gamers are getting punished.  With no dedicated server support on PC side, it is expected the game is going to be released online via torrents and some hacker group will figure out a way to mod the game and get dedicated server support going.  It is just a matter of time.

Read more about the Steam debacle here.

It goes to show that Steam is not always welcomed, and when you have to tie gamer’s hands behind their back and force them to use a 3rd party client against their will, it makes you wonder if it is even worth the purchase.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – 11-10-09

Let’s face it, it is going to be huge.  Analysts are predicting it will make somewhere around $500 million during launch week, which isn’t even bad at all!

There will be many stores with the midnight launch: Best Buy, Meijers, Gamestop, and etc.  Are you going to get your game on launch day?  In fact, some stores have sold it early and that is why there are a bunch of gameplay videos on Youtube.  In fact, the game had been leaked on Xbox 360 per torrents a week early, so people have been playing it since then.  Now the real thing will be here.  Are you ready for what could potentially be Game of the Year again?

And who could forget the very controversial level where you are a terrorist in an airport and your goal is to take out civilians?  Infinity Ward sure knows how to bring up controversy.

What is even more controversial is the loss of dedicated servers for the PC version. Tons of gamers have fouled outrcry against it, fearing that this does not give them modding capabilities and less control over their games.  Infinity Ward begs to differ, but we all know this is their own secretive way to charge for DLC content in the future.

Nonetheless, Modern Warfare 2 so far seems to live up to the hype!

Below is  a badass video where if you get 25 kill streak, you get a tactical nuke that wipes everyone off the map and equals instant win!

See the launch trailer below: