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Adult Entertainment – A Shunned Industry


This will be an interesting week indeed.  If you ever watched the movie “Minority Report”, you got Tom Cruise looking at all the monitors and he has to figure out which screen to focus on to catch the bad guy?  I’m in the same position in that I have all these ideas and I had a hard time focusing on which one to pick, but with last weeks polls the choice was quite clear.  This is story #1…

Read on, I know you want to!

Mystery – What Happened to Demonator


Hi all, I just want to let you know that I have been keeping in touch with Justin, who is the creator of Demonator.  If you don’t know, Demonator was a proxy site that let Canadians access Demonoid.  Well, right now the website is down, and The Underground has exclusive information why it is down.

However, we feel that it is best for Justin himself to post the reason why it is down.  The answer may surprise you.  Expect clarification on the status of Demonator later throughout the day from Justin himself.  Oh as a side note, Justin is the newest member of The Underground staff.  His name will be Demonator.  Go figure.