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Ogerlauncher – Offline Modus Error? [Fix]


Update 4-21-09:  Added Youtube Tutorial! Also updated instructions for Vista.

Did you try to use ogerlauncher recently, only to find that you get this “Offline Modus!” upon running it?

It turns out this is a fault of bad programming, as the program is looking at a specific mysql database on the ogerlauncher website that doesn’t exist.  However, there is a fix!

If you are using XP:

Go to start -> run -> cmd.

Type “echo >> %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” (without the quotes).  Press enter.

Launch ogerlauncher and it will work.

If you are using Vista/Windows 7:

Same idea as above except you need to run notepad as an administrator.  Then you need to navigate to your Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file.  Remember to make the drop down box select all files. Open the hosts file and add the line below:

See screenshot for clarification, and watch video at end of post for more clarification.


Save the host file and run ogerlauncher.  It will work!

The ogerlauncher creator guy is making a patch and will have a new ogerlauncher soon, hopefully.

You will see a message about a new update.  Skip it!  It is a side effect of the program.