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Living Lean – How I Keep My Laptop in Top Shape

7-5-13: Initial release.

So this past week, I had come home from work to login to my Internet, only to be greeted by a splashscreen from my ISP saying that a device(s) on my network is participating or infected as part of a botnet.

Before I could go back online, I had to agree to a statement that I would take care of the issue.  Otherwise, I would be disconnected from the Internet again until it was taken care of.

So I thought about it and the only device that I use a lot (more than my desktop actually) is my Dell Mini 1012 netbook.  I did a virus scan, and malware scan, and found nothing.

But just because I didn’t find anything doesn’t necessarily mean that it was gone, it could just be hidden. I didn’t want to take a chance, so what did I do? I formatted the laptop, reinstalled Windows 8, and I was good to go.  The coolest part about the whole thing? I didn’t need to backup any major files, or save my bookmarks or anything. Why? Because due to the way I have setup my laptop, those type of worries that would plague traditional computer users I don’t have. I’ll tell you what I did so you too can run a lean, mean, computing machine.

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I Am a Dale Carnegie Graduate! :0


There I was giving my last speech of the class to a group of 25 people, consisting of classmates and their  friends, family, or people from work.  I had expressed over the course of 12 weeks how my life has changed from this class, and I held back the tears as I explained how much of a different person I am today than  I was 12 weeks ago.  I can truly say that I feel more confident, more of a leader, and definitely living a calmer life due to proven stress reducing strategies. I am different now in the way I act at work, at home, and now online.  I am a Dale Carnegie graduate.

Last night I graduated from a 12 week course which my supervisor at worked coerced me into taking.  The company was paying for it ($1,995 before tax), so why not take the class?

So what will I be doing in this 12 week course?  From the Dale Carnegie website, it says:

  • Tackle complex challenges
  • Generate more and better ideas
  • Excel as a consensus builder
  • Communicate clearly and concisely
  • Reduce self-consciousness and fear
  • Apply 30 human relations principles

I can proudly say that yes, you definitely go through and learn all those principles.  For my particular course, I came in every Tuesday night from 6pm to 9:30pm and go over various topics and activities.  My class had 16 class members.

Each class session you give 2 speeches over a certain topic.  The speeches are limited to 1 or 2 minutes depending on speech requirements.  The two coaches in the class may ask you questions during your speech to throw you off guard or direct you to keep your speech going.  My instructors were fantastic, as were my classmembers.  Everyone cheers for you and claps for you before and after your speech.

At the end of each session, we vote for a person who had a “breakthrough” and vote another person who gave an “outstanding” speech.  To be a winner of either category gives you an official Dale Carnegie pen.  I myself was a winner of a “breakthrough” award in session 5.  By doing so, I have proven to myself I have what it takes to go to the next level.

As part of the course, I read 3 books:  How to win friends and influence people, How to stop worrying and start living, and

Anyway, I can’t rant on and on about this wonderful program, but I’m not going to. Bottom line is I am a different person, so my goal is in future posts make things more meaningful as necessary.

If you want more information on the course that I took and see the topic for each of the 12 sessions, view this link.

If you are a Dale Carngie graduate, please leave a comment! Millions of people are graduates, are you one of them?