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Happy Thanksgiving – Versatile1 Style

Undergrounders, this is my personal greeting for those living in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you enjoy my picture up above.  Now rather than get into the history of Thanksgiving, which Voltaire has covered very well I must admit, I will take this post into a different direction.

Be grateful for what you have in life.  Thanksgiving is a time to be happy, be fat, and above all, to remember who has made an impact on your life.  It may be a time of grieving, a time of happiness, or a time to just lay back and be lazy.

What will you be doing today?  Well for me, I got 3 main things:

1) Prepare the house for Thanksgiving party.

2) Rip the 6th, 7th, and 8th seasons of the Simpsons from my brother’s friend.  (Want a tutorial? )

3) Prepare for Black Friday sales.  C’mon Radioshack!

What will you be doing today? Leave a comment, show interest, c’mon, I know we have hits!