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Soccer — Free soccer/football management online game!

[Note: This review was written by Adrian, the Freeware Elite. You can visit his tech blog at: Freeware]

Description: Soccer Manager is a free website on which you can manage a soccer team through your web browser. What make it different from other similar sites is that there is a very realistic transfer market for you to participate in. Actually, it is quite fun to put players on Loan Lists, Transfer lists, or just buy and sell players if agreed. There are also “Free Agents” which are players not owned by any clubs for purchase. There is also a “Score Centre” in which you watch your own matches progress. You need to be signed up to play.

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Nation States: A very simple but fun online political simulation game

[Note: This review was written by Adrian, the Freeware Elite. Visit his tech blog at: Freeware]

Version Tested: 1.0 (final version)NationStates nation main screen

Description: NationStates is an online political simulation game that is totally free, unlike Soccer Manager in which you can buy gold accounts. You can create different nations with strange prefixes (Republic, Dominion, People’s Republic, Most Serene Kingdom, etc.) and manage them through your browser.

There is also something called the World Assembly, which is similar to the United Nations, but has a whole lot more countries (around 11000) and different “regions” which can be freely chosen. However, the World Assembly membership is totally voluntary. Here are some more notes on this online game:NationStates create new nation

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Are You Ready For FarCry?

Crysis was a big disappointment for me personally. After the amazement of the graphics and physics wore out, which didn’t take long, you start to realize that everything else is a mess. Basically, the entire game was a mod of Far Cry with GFX and physics overkill.

Now, Far Cry 2 has set a release date of March 25, 2008, just 3 months away. This will be THE game. It will have the great storyline of Far Cry 1, and it uses a new engine called Dunia, which is perhaps more advanced than CryENGINE2 (Crysis).

Screen Shots, click for full image.