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Tunngle – The Hamachi Killer – Learn How To Play LAN Enabled PC Games Over The Internet For Free!


7-30-09: Initial release.  Added another section for Underground Gamer requests.

7-31-09: Added World in Conflict and Warcraft 3 gamer request.

8-01-09: Added No One Lives Forever 2 gamer request, Far Cry 2, and Gears of War.

8-02-09: Changed the game request section slightly.  Now it has a “Known to work Straight Up” part of it.

8-3-09: Added notes to the games section for quake 3 and call of duty 1.

8-7-09: Added Worms Armaggedon and Worms World Party to games section.

8-8-09: Added hamachi channel. I hope I am not going to regret this.

8-11-09: Added Call of Duty 2 and Gears of War to verified games list.

8-13-09: Added install Tunngle demonstration video.

10-31-09: Added a long list of games: Battlefield Vietnam, Borderlands, Demigod, Duke Nukem, GTA IV, Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Shift, and Underground 2; Red Faction Guerilla, Resident Evil 5, Section 8, Serious Sam – The SEcond Encounter, Splinter Cell – Pandora Tomorrow, Starcraft, Street Fighter IV, Titan Quest, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

2-7-10: Added Troubleshooting Tunngle Video

3-1-10: Removed old videos.

Yes, I am going to fix the pictures. Will do that tomorrow.

7-3-10:  Added note to the game list section. There are lots of LAN games, so way in hell I will update this list for all the hundreds of LAN games I have tested.

Foreword:  I am very excited.  This is definitely one of my favorite posts for 2009, and as you read further, you will understand why.  This guide is clearly not illegal.  It is simply another method to enable users to play their LAN enabled games over the Internet with friends.  No longer are you bound to be in the basement with your PCs to play LAN games! There is a reason why I spent two long nights working on this guide and the excellent video!  ~ Versatile

If you follow this blog, or know anything about VPN programs, Hamachi is a great program that people can use to play LAN games with each other.  In short, Hamachi was the king for implementing LAN games to play over the Internet.  How it worked is people would join these networks, and Hamachi gives each user a unique IP address.  When you launch a game, the game is tricked into thinking that everyone in the network is on the same LAN, and hence, you can see each other to play the game.

Of course, Hamachi has other useful purposes such as being a great secure chat medium, as well as being an alternative as a safe VPN to tunnel into your PCs and transfer files or encrypt remote transfers or remote administration.

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[Tutorial] Get to Level 55 in COD4 in 1 Hour!

All credit goes to this source.


How to go from 1XP to 110,000+ XP and unlock ALL WEAPONS & get to COMMANDER (5 Star) in less than an hour! This is detailed so ask questions if you don’t understand.

1- Download this program (tsearch) –

2- Unzip tsearch into a folder on your desktop

3- Start COD4 then press ALT+TAB to come back to the desktop

4- Go into the folder where tsearch is and double click “TSearch.exe” to start the program

5- Press the “Open Process” button in Tsearch and point to your COD4.exe which is listed as “iw3mp.exe” you will see the small COD4 icon beside it. Click to highlight then press “ok”

6- Now under the “Easy Write” button in Tsearch you will see a blank white icon, click it. A box will pop open that says “new cheat” inside this box do the following

Under “TYPE” select “4 Bytes” (without quotes)
In the “Address” field put this “CBF0E68” (without quotes) click “ok” and a new line should appear with an address, value and type.

7- Go back into COD4 and click the “Rank & Challenges” button. Write down your current XP shown in the right top and then in the box directly under that write down XP needed to reach your next rank and ALT+TAB back out

Mine has 78794 for current XP and 4126 needed for my next rank. So break out the calculator and do the following.

Take current XP 78794 + XP needed 4126 and – 1 this will give you the value needed for your next rank. So my value would be 82919

8- Now that you have the number needed for your next rank go into TSearch and click beside the last number in the VALUE field, backspace all the numbers out. Now enter the new number you just got to reach your next rank, mine would be “82919” without quotes. Then simply hit ENTER.

9- Now go back into COD4 and you will see your rank changed and you need “1” point to get your new rank. Go into any game and kill ONE PERSON and you will have the new rank. Then exit the round, go back to the XP, get the new numbers and repeat over and over again until your finished!!

[Game Ending] Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge- Soviet and Allies Game Ending

Hey, if we released the game ending to the original RA2, then why forget its amazing expansion? Hell, these were the games we grew up playing. I learned all my strategy and secret pwning skills from this since like the 3rd grade. (wow, its been a long time!)

Allies Below

Soviets Below

[Game Ending] Command & Conquer Red Alert – Soviet and Allies Game Ending

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on the Command & Conquer Games. My favorite one I remember playing in the 90’s was Red Alert.

Here are the game endings for the Soviets and the Allies. Have fun!!!!

Soviets Below

Allies Below