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The People’s Court – Men Confess On TV to Wii Modding


3-15-11: Initial release.

So I was reading up on some fresh news at one of my favorite torrent news site, and that is Torrentfreak. Anyway, I found an old article where someone posted a Youtube video of an American Show called “The People’s Court”. In this episode, it was an interesting law case where basically we have two neighbors disputing over the price of modding his friend’s wii.


What is hilarious is that the judge ask both men what is the purpose of this chip, modchip, and both the plantiff and the defendant said it allows you to play downloaded games for free. It was as if the Judge was not even phased by this? Copyright rules broken? Seriously, wow. You got to be an idiot to admit on public TV that you installed/desired the modchip to allow you to play downloaded games off the Internet. You got to watch the video below and witness the shock yourself.