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Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) – Help Stop It!

3-10-12: Initial Release.

As we all know, the ACTA has been signed in October of 2011, and many are proclaiming that it is worse than SOPA and even PIPA combined. Rather than go into all the details about ACTA, what I have for you below is a short video on what ACTA is, as well as a Wikipedia link to help brush up your knowledge.

Since many consider ACTA a large invasion of privacy, and possibly the segway to shutdown the entire Internet, there have been various petition forms created to help promote the wrongness of ACTA, and have it retracted. Watch the videos, learn about ACTA, and if what you see and read is something that goes against everything you believe in, then do your part and sign the petitions!

What Is ACTA?

Wikipedia Link

Petitions You Can Sign

Good luck and do your part!

Asura’s Wrath for PC Petition – Help Sign it!

Revisions: 2-27-12: Initial release.

My partner HM7 at my youtube channel GameDexterity is really interested in this game called Asura’s Wrath. In a recent “Ask Capcom” session, Capcom said that if there was enough interest in PC version, they might be able to do something.

So what did HM7 do? Well, he created a video to help get this point across! Working together, I had lended my voice for the script, and HM7 put everything together inside Sony Vegas 10. The result? A really nice montage of game footage while at the same time telling gamers why we need to sign the petition. Watch the video below, and help sign the petition!

Sign petition here.