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PS2 Slim – Create your own sensor blocking tools!

Have a slim PS2? You can create your own sensor blocking tools using a straw, cardboard, and some paper. By blocking the sensors on the PS2 slim, you will be able to play backed up games using Swap Magic.

What is Swap Magic? Swap Magic is a swap disc that your playstation 2 reads, and it tricks your ps2 into being able to play backed up copied games.

Where can you buy Swap Magic? Try If you have a fat ps2, you will need to get Swap Magic with slide card. In next few days, I will have a tutorial showing you how to make your own slide card. Muahaha.

See youtube video below, it does a great job showing you how to make your own sensor blocking tools for the playstation 2 slim to make it work properly with Swap Magic.

How to Play SNES on PS2

Did you know that you can play SNES roms on your playstation 2? Yes, that is correct! All you need is a modchip of some sort for your playstation 2, like swap magic or HDA loader, and from there you need to download SNES station. Google for SNES station, and burn it to a regular CD (I think).

From there, load up swap magic, swap the disc with SNES station, and you are good to go! Relive the memories!