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[TiT] That’s It Tuesday Issue 9

Tit bird

Hi underground visitors! Welcome to the ninth issue of TIT, or That’s It Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I, Versatile1, will give you a rant of whats going on in the blog, whats intended for the future, hope, dreams, etc.

How’s it going?  As you now know, winter is upon us, so if you drive, I hope that GN’s recent article on preparing for winter is going to help you out a bunch.  Always make sure to include a winter car aid kit, which includes a snow scraper, a shovel, a brush, and perhaps an ice deicer.

Now what do we have in store for the future around here?  Frankly, I am not sure.  I recently cleaned up the Author’s list, so the community knows who can be counted on to post regularly.  Do note that although I do a lot of the work around here, much of my success is the other authors here, so don’t forget them.

Ads and revenue:  I tried this twice already with Google Adsense.  Both times my account got disabled, and making revenue from clicking ads won’t work for a site like this.  I have came to the conclusion that is all right.  I know that Musicmasteria has setup a Donate page, but I’m a realist.  I know all you guys won’t contribute jack.

I have a funny Youtube video that is coming up.  You guys will enjoy it.  Last week I posted a picture of a bathroom in the Netherlands.  While you take a piss, you have these Netherland women pointing down and mocking you? WTF?  Now thats some crazy European humor.

Portal is hot, and will always be.  I understand we have some interest in UT3 and Crysis private servers.  Well, I am not even sure if those kind of things exist.  If you know of some, by all means share it with us.

Last, but not least, I got the next crazy post to trump the IRC XXX porn passwords.  What if there was a program that housed tons and tons of serial keys, say over 100k to be in fact?  Instead of going to serial key websites, you just open up this program, type in the program for the key you want, and bingo, its there!

I can’t assure you all the keys work, but a damn good amount do.  Fake or fiction?  We’ll see.  I will have an entice page, and of course it will be released on the forums.  Until then, see you guys later.

I have decided all TiT updates from now on will have a “hot” picture to entice the male audience.  Ladies, if you want something, please let me know.  Otherwise, I am under the prognosis my audience is 99% male. 🙂

Blog Update: Use the forums for even better discussions

Question Mark

I enjoy the hits we are getting at this blog. Although our subject content is very varied and all over the place, we do our best (ok, I do my best) to make sure ever day here at the blog we post at least something, anything that is fit for our nature here on the blog.

With that said, I know we get a mad amount of questions and comments for our PS2 post and Portal. The most popular being among the two subjects:

  • I followed your instructions but here is my issue…
  • I have this problem with my ps2 game, how can I get it working?
  • Where can I find portal? Can you give me links? How about non-torrent links?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the comments. We are getting interaction between the Underground staff and you, the reader. What will be tough is addressing people, and trust me, no one wants to read a post with 50+ comments. A lot of good information is lost in there.

Therefore, I suggest all you Portal fanatics, you PS2 nerds, to go to our forums and post your request or questions there. I’m serious. It will help me, and it will help you find your answer quickly and efficiently.


If that doesn’t work, the backup link is

The forum is there for you, not for us. Use it or lose it.

[Game Ending] Portal

You knew it was coming.  We had a post here talking about how to get Portal, and now we have the game ending.  Enjoy!

[TIT] That’s It Tuesday! Issue 3

Tit bird

Hi underground visitors! Welcome to the third issue of TIT, or That’s It Tuesday! Every Tuesday, I, Versatile1, will give you a rant of whats going on in the blog, whats intended for the future, hope, dreams, etc.

Well, I can safely say that the hits for xxx tutorial has clamored down a bit, but not much. The post for alternative demonator is still high, and the portal post is the highest of them all last week.

I understand people love Portal, but this is getting sick. I understand the Underground will help you on your journey to find the portal that you seek, but its starting to get ridiculous. (Ok, not really :P)

Last week I talked about a webhost. I tried migrating this blog to the webhost, and although it worked, not everything was working correctly. Therefore, we changed plans. The blog will remain here where it is on WordPress. Trust me, its better for us in the long run.

The webhost will now host a forum. *gasps* Yes, you heard right. The forum will be nice, because it will allow better discussion of topics, rather than having being consolidated into comments on one post page.

In addition, we are looking at two URL redirect names for the blog and the forum. The blog we have one, and the forum not yet. I assure you the new URL for the blog is awesome, I have to hold my tongue to not reveal it.

New members to the staff recently: Musicmasteria, GN, and Chyea. These guys bring some interesting stuff behind the scenes. Musicmasteria is working closely right now with Voltaire and I to make sure we got great content coming your way, and I assure you, its something to make your mom disown you. Zing!

Oh yea, I am reworking the geocities website. I got a sick template, and the ads will be shown on this “sister” site. I think when its done, you guys will love it. The clicks so far are coming good, we average between $1-2.10 a day, so thank you all!

The Underground staff works hard while you don’t have to. [Actually, I work the hardest but its all right. I got the highest amount of dedication around here, and no respect. :)]

[Update Oct. 23rd]  I removed the ads for the time being.  I need to revamp the site, get some content on it, and then put the ads back on.  Plus, I really needed to fix some wording on the site too. 😛

Viral Marketing 2.0

Valve’s Portal is taking the industry by storm in a not so hyped up Halo style way. Interestingly enough, one way it’s doing that is through viral marketing, similar to the campaign, done for Halo 2. started as a URL flashed at the bottom of a Halo 2 advertisement in select theaters. Upon visiting the site, distorted images, text and overall design of the website appeared and made it look as if the site had been hacked. This was the kick off to a nationwide scavenger hunt as well as the stir of a new style of marketing from the gaming industry. Hints to things such a specific phone booth ringing at a specific time on a very real looking but fake blog connected to ILB were ways to keep people’s minds on Halo 2 for quite a while before it’s record breaking release.

Now Portal, a new game by the makers of Half Life 1 and 2 incorporating challenging puzzle style gameplay, coupled with the first person goodness of Half Life 2, has taken it to the next level. It started with a mysterious website with a computer terminal style interface done in Flash. There were select commands one could use to unlock hints about the upcoming release of Portal which was already highly anticipated. With the recent release of the game, an easter egg has been uncovered, unlocking a whole new section of the website to the public.

In Test Chamber 17, there is a wall that is extended, revealing a room with images drawn on the wall of various things, including text saying “login: cjohnson password: tier3”.



This can be used on by typing login then the username and password mentioned. From there, commands such as DIR which displays a list of 2 files, one which was released before Portal (the application or, apply.exe) and notes.exe which has background information on Aperture Science Industries, their beginnings and some other humorous fiction.

While not as well known as, Portal and are certainly staying consistent, even after it’s release.

Viral marketing is starting to be looked upon by other industries, but of course while keeping traditional marketing campaigns at the frontline. “The Orange Box”, a compilation of Valve’s greatest games to date, Including Half Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal, has been advertised on several large cable channels and certainly stands out at the retail stores on shelf. It’s literally an orange box.

The Orange Box can be found at all of the big retail and online stores for a price of around $45 USD.

Here are a few links: