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PS3 Swap Switch Tutorial

Do you have a PS3?  It is not crackable yet, but someday it can be.  Anyway, according to the afterdawn website, a modder took  it upon himself to mod his PS3 by installing a switch.  What this ultimately does is load swap magic, then flip the switch to spit the disc out, and then you put your backed up PS2 game into it.

Please  note that the  swap switch mod is only good for 1st  and 2nd gen PS3 consoles  due  to the  PS2 backward compatibility. The new PS3 for 3rd gen and above is ditching  the PS2 backward  compatibility, so the switch  mod will  not work.

Here is the link  to the  afterdawn tutorial:

Below is a true video of the switch mod in action:

One more, better detail: